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Graveyards are meant to be solemn places of mourning, not haunts where the dead remain, but a few of Seattle’s cemeteries boast a bit of an undead vibe. If you haven’t spent a spooky Halloween-season evening getting a little closer to the other side, it might be time. For the best chance at a good scare, visit Seattle’s best haunted graveyards for a little tour with big potential.

Mountain View Cemetery
12874 Cemetery Road
Leavenworth, WA 98826

It is said these hills are alive with more than the sound of music at the Mountain View Cemetery. It is located in the Icicle Valley and surrounded by mountains where it was once a burial site for railroad workers in the late 1800s. Some visitors have claimed to have seen the workers holding their lanterns and others heard the hammering of railroad spikes and the workers whistling. While you’re there, visit the rest of this Bavarian town, which is filled with shops, restaurants and plenty of places to spend the night.

Lake View Cemetery
1549 15th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 322-1582

In 1890, while Seattle’s land and population were expanding, this Civil War cemetery officially became Lake View and was soon surrounded by Capitol Hill. One of the cemetery’s most famous residents is Princess Angeline, who died in 1896 but is rumored to still wander the area. Some claim to have seen other ghosts walking around in Civil War uniforms. A hub for many gay and lesbian residents, this neighborhood is also full of rich history and art, so be sure to stop by sites such as the First Baptist Church, a beautiful cathedral located at 1111 Harvard Ave. that been in operation for 100 years.

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Bayview Cemetery
1420 Woburn St.
Bellingham, WA 98226
(360) 676-6972

Founded in 1887, this cemetery has a very creepy looking entrance and is home to many Whatcom County former residents. Bayview is a very “classic” looking graveyard with reports of ghostly apparitions floating along the stone walls. The walls themselves are said to have three hot spots for paranormal activity. One creepy feature is the “death bed” that is said to speed up the death of anyone is lies upon the monument. There is also an apparition that is said to wander around the grounds who belongs to the “Angel Eyes” monument. Bayview is not a small cemetery. It sits on 234 acres. Though open day from sunrise to sunset, the Bayview Abbey Mausoleum is only open to families of those interred in it. Bellingham is about a 2.5-hour drive from downtown Seattle, but its outdoor beauty rivals Seattle with the natural scenery of Mount Baker, whale watching and waterfront tours, making it the perfect destination for a beautiful fall day and a creepy Halloween night.

Black Diamond Cemetery
24431 Morgan St.
Black Diamond, WA 98010
(360) 886-5700

This cemetery, founded in 1884, sits on Cemetery Hill Road and is marked by wooden signs. It features more than 1,200 graves with residents from Wales, Italy, Australia, Russia and Germany. At least one Civil War veteran is buried there and many children who died in the early 1900s due to small pox and the flu. A number of visitors claim to have seen former coal miners swinging their lamps and whistling. Sometimes a white horse can be seen as well. If visiting cemeteries is your thing, they are looking for volunteers to help clean the head stones. Black Diamond is a small town with a rich history and is surrounded by mountain views. While in town, you will want to stop by the legendary Black Diamond Bakery for a snack. To investigate more of the town’s backstory, you may want to visit the Black Diamond Museum of History.

Carnation Cemetery
5187 Carnation Duvall Road NE
Carnation, WA 98014

Inside of the regal gates of the Carnation Cemetery is a scary place to be, especially alone. Bring warm clothes, a camera and recording devices. Some witnesses report some scary details including experiencing pain, hearing footsteps behind or around them, and seeing figures in the corners of their eyes. Some have heard whispers in their ears and seen a woman in a white dress walking along with a young boy. The town of Carnation itself is not spooky. It is framed by the Cascade foothills where the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers meet. It is a great place to hike, bike, camp and fish or take in the small shops and restaurants in town.

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