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In this week’s That Thing You Missed a sea lion steals lunch, a sports reporter does Ron Burgundy, the Mavericks have lost their minds and Tom Brady doesn’t care what you think about him.

Cowardly Patriot?

Tom Brady gave all his haters an early Halloween present this year: a photo of himself dressed as The Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz making out with his wife Gisele Bundchen dressed as Dorothy. (Frankly, I think it’s obvious Dorothy had a thing for The Scarecrow, but whatever.

Seriously? The Cowardly Lion? Why didn’t he just go as a crybaby?

That costume is like deer running through the woods with a target spray-painted on its pelt during hunting season.

Well, Gisele believes, after all, her Tommy does the lion’s share of the work on the field.

My guess is he was just too scared to tell her no.

Story via CBS Boston

Stay Classy Idaho

In another bizarre Halloween twist, sports director Paul Gerke at KIVI in Idaho delivered the entire sportscast and then some in full costume as Anchorman character Ron Burgundy Thursday night.

“Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”  

Does anyone know if he still has a job and if so, does his dad own the station?

Story via CBS Chicago

 What Do The Fans Say?

You may recall a little Internet meme known as “The Harlem Shake.”

You may also recall sports figures around the globe jumping on the bandwagon to create their own annoying versions that have little to do with dancing or Harlem by the way.

And if you read this column you will definitely remember how insanely irritated these videos made me.

Now, there’s something worse.

Familiar with the bizarre viral video called “The Fox” (What Does The Fox Say?) No? Well, congratulations and I apologize.

The Dallas Mavericks are and they’ve decided to put their own twist on it.

Totally creepy right?

Is this what happens to a team when their owner is on trial for insider trading?

What I really want to know is what the Mavs would say if the jury had found Mark Cuban guilty.

Story via CBS Dallas

A Fish Out Of Water

Fishing is a sport so it totally belongs in this column.

As a matter of fact I’d argue that along with golf, fishing is one of the best all-time sports to participate in. Like Golf, you can totally drink and smoke throughout the entire game without being judged. But, I digress.

Check out these two professional fishermen who are showing off their freshly caught massive Mahi Mahi. Pretty impressive, huh?

The sea lion that steals it from them while they’re mugging for the camera seems to think so, too.

See isn’t that type of loss totally much easier to digest with a buzz on?

Story via CBS Detroit

What’s your favorite sport?

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