Gucci Under Fire For Selling Turban As Fashion Accessory
An uproar over a head wrap made by Gucci and offered for sale at Nordstrom has prompted the retailer to pull it from their shelves. Betty Yu reports that American Sikhs want an apology from the designer.

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Gucci Under Fire For Selling Turban As Fashion AccessoryAn uproar over a head wrap made by Gucci and offered for sale at Nordstrom has prompted the retailer to pull it from their shelves. Betty Yu reports that American Sikhs want an apology from the designer.
Shack On San Francisco's Potrero Hill Hits Market For $2.5 MillionA shack in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood has just hit the market for a jaw-dropping price. (5/14/19)
Developer Backs Out Of Controversial Ohlone College Housing ProjectA developer has pulled out of a controversial housing project at Ohlone College. John Ramos tells us why a plan for hundreds of apartments and townhomes ran into a wall of resistance.
SF Startup Promotes Unique Baby Formula to Health-Conscious MomsBreast milk may be best for babies but new mothers have a healthy alternative in "Bobbie," a formula created with grass-fed dairy, no artificial ingredients, GMOs, corn syrup or soy. Betty Yu reports. (5-10-19)
Bay Area Wine Producers Fear Effect of Increased China TariffsWith the U.S. and China embroiled in what appears to be a worsening trade war, The tariff increase and the threat of further escalation has raised concerns in Bay Area wine country. Wilson Walker reports. (5-10-19)
AT&T's Early '5G' Implementation Lacks SpeedMany iPhone users on the AT&T network in the Bay Area got a surprise: where it used to say "LTE" in the corner of the screen it now says "5Ge" but crazy fast speeds aren't on the way. Kiet Do explains. (5-9-19)
Neighborhood Near SAP Center Gets New Life Through Urban DevelopmentsThe North San Pedro St. area is one of the oldest sections of downtown San Jose. After decades of blight and neglect, it's seeing new life spring up in the shadow of the SAP Center. Len Ramirez reports. (5-8-2019)
Rideshare Drivers Plan To Strike Ahead Of Uber's IPOUber is about to raise billions by going public on May 9, while Lyft has already cashed in with Wall Street investors. Now, rideshare drivers who also want a piece of the action are planning a collective protest. Wilson Walker reports. (5-7-2019)
'Power Plant Park' Could Make Richmond The Cannabis Capital Of Contra Costa CountyThe city of Richmond's planning commission recently approved the proposed 18-acre marijuana production facility. It's expected to bring hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue once it's completed. Katie Nielsen reports. (5-5-2019)

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Plan to Develop Alameda Point Would Have It Transformed Into Enterprise HubRe-developing the island of Alameda's former Navy base has proved to be a slow process but, as John Ramos reports, the city has a new strategy it hopes will transform the area into an economic powerhouse. (5-4-19)
SoCal Refinery Fire May Drive Regional Gas Prices HigherExperts are predicting that gas prices in California could stay above $4 a gallon after a refinery caught fire for the second time in as many weeks. Maria Medina reports. (5-2-19)
Facebook Bans Several Controversial Personalities from Its PlatformsFacebook announced that it had designated some high-profile people, including Louis Farrakhan and right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, as “dangerous” and said it will be purging them from its platforms. Melissa Caen reports. (5-2-19)
SF Real Estate Tougher To Navigate With Talk Of IPOs Amid Market SlowdownSan Francisco's real estate market is about to get even tougher to navigate. Wilson Walker breaks down the mixed signals buyers and sellers are facing these days.
Customers Drawn to Cosmetics Featuring Cannabis-Derived Compound CBDThe trending beauty counter at Neiman Marcus features creams, serums, masks and oils all selling the powers of CBD, a compound derived from cannabis. Betty Yu reports. (4-25-19)
Alameda County Votes To Start Negotiations With A's For Sale Of Coliseum SiteAlameda County supervisors voted to begin negotiations with the Oakland A's on sale of the coliseum site. As Kiet Do reports, the City of Oakland and residents want to make sure they, too, get something out of the deal.
Rash Of Burglaries At Vietnamese Mall In San Jose Has Merchants On EdgeAfter a rash of burglaries at Vietnam Town Shopping Center in San Jose, merchants are demanding more security. As Len Ramirez reports, they fell they are being targeted.
PG&E Pushes To Raise Ratepayers' BillsPG&E says it is asking state regulators for another increase in rates and profits. The funds would cover wildfire safety and attract investment as the utility goes through bankruptcy. Betty Yu reports. (4-22-2019)
Southwest Workers To Demonstrate At Bay Area AirportsHundreds Southwest Airlines workers at the Bay Area's three major airports will hold demonstrations Monday, over working conditions and outsourcing to non-union contractors. Jackie Ward reports. (4/22/19)
Fire Breaks Out At San Leandro Strip MallA fire broke out in the kitchen of a restaurant in San Leandro early Friday morning. Anne Makovec reports. (4/19/19)
Oakland Port Maritime Industry Concerned About Proposed Athletics StadiumAs the term sheet for the proposed Oakland A's stadium pulls ever closer, the Port of Oakland's maritime industry says Howard Terminal needs to be protected. Andria Borba reports. (4-17-2019)
Apple Securities Fraud Lawsuit Claims Hundreds Of Thousands Of Investors Were MisledApple and CEO Tim Cook knew iPhone sales were in trouble but kept it from investors, according to a new lawsuit accusing the company of securities fraud. Maria Medina reports. (4-16-2019)
Planned Santa Clara 50-Story Hi-Rise Getting DownsizedA massive project near Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara is getting a makeover before the work has even begun. Len Ramirez reports. (4/15/19)
CBS News Business Analyst On Tax Deadline, Financial MistakesJill Schlesinger, CBS News Business Analyst, speaks with Michelle Griego and Kenny Choi about tips on Monday's tax deadline and about her new book titled "The Dumb Things Smart People do with Their Money." (4/15/19)
Dire Prediction For PG&E Rates If California Wildfires PersistAn advisor to Gov. Gavin Newsom predicts PG&E bills could skyrocket if California continues to have devastating wildfires. Christin Ayers reports. (4/11/19)
Uber Set To File For Initial Public OfferingIn one of the most anticipated initial public offerings of the year, ride-hailing giant Uber is reportedly filing for its IPO on Thursday. Jackie Ward reports. (4/11/19)
Berkeley Analyst Issues Dire Prediction For PG&E Rates If Wildfires PersistAn analyst at UC Berkeley claims PG&E rates could rise 50 percent if devastating wildfires continue to persist in California. (4/11/19)
Big IPOs Add Even More Pressure To Red-Hot Bay Area Housing MarketWith more and more Bay Area companies going public, it's making the already red-hot housing market even more competitive. Betty Yu reports. (4-10-2019)
Battle Heats Up Over Proposed Santa Rosa Pot Dispensary Next To PreschoolA group of Santa Rosa preschoolers are caught in the middle of a battle over a pot dispensary that wants to set up shop next door. Wilson Walker talked to people on both sides.
Bay Area Law Firm To Sue Boeing Over 737 Max 8 CrashA law firm based in the Bay Area will file lawsuit on the behalf of a woman who was killed in last month's deadly plane crash involving a Boeing 737 Max 8 in Ethiopia. Jackie Ward reports. (4/4/19)

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