Oakland Teachers Vote To Ratify Tentative Contract, End StrikeOakland teachers voted Sunday afternoon to accept a tentative contract deal, effectively ending the strike and putting teachers back in classrooms on Monday. Betty Yu reports. (3-3-2019)
OUSD, Teachers Union Await Results Of Contract Deal VoteTeachers gathered at the Paramount Theater on Sunday to vote on the deal offered by Oakland Unified School District. Some teachers are content with the deal, but others urged their colleagues to push for more. Katie Nielsen reports. (3-3-2019)
Oakland Teachers To Vote On Deal To End Week-Long StrikeOn Monday, teachers in Oakland will vote on whether to end their 7-day strike. Da Lin talked to union members who said they are divided about whether the deal is good enough.
Oakland Teachers Union Reaches Tentative Agreement to End StrikeThe Oakland Education Association announced Friday afternoon that the union had reached a tentative agreement with the Oakland Unified School District to end the ongoing teachers strike that had entered its seventh day. Da Lin reports. (3-1-19)
Raw Video: Newsom Recalls Reading Struggles To KidsReading to a group of school children in Sacramento, Gov. Gavin Newsom recalled his struggles reading as a child with dyslexia. (3/1/19)
Oakland High Theater Students Hope Strike Won't Stop Musical PremiereOakland High School students are hoping the teacher walkout does not postpone the first student-run musical in 40 years. Da Lin reports. (2-28-19)
Social Engineering Project Helps Kids Of Color Get The Basics Of STEMAn organization called The Social Engineering Project has been working with kids of color to make sure they learn the basics of STEM. Founder Kevin Nichols talked to BR's host Christin Ayers about the group's activities.
Students, Parents Coping As Oakland Teachers Strike Drags OnThousands of Oakland teachers were back on the picket line Monday after negotiations broke down this weekend. Juliette Goodrich talked to some students and families and tells us how they were adapting.
Oakland Teacher Strike Continues After Weekend Talks Break DownTeachers in Oakland are striking for a third day on Monday after negotiations broke down over the weekend. State Superintendent Tony Thurmond and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich are expected to join the talks. Jackie Ward reports. (2/25/19)
Contract Talks Stall; Oakland Teachers Set to Continue Strike MondayFollowing stalled contract negotiations with the Oakland Unified School District, Oakland teachers will continue striking on Monday. John Ramos reports. (2-24-2019)
Both Sides Still Far Apart on Day 2 of Oakland Teachers StrikeOakland teachers are counting on broad support in the community as they prepare for a lengthy strike if their demands aren't met. Andrea Nakano reports. (2-22-19)
Teacher Retention A Major Motive Behind Oakland StrikeKPIX 5's Da Lin takes a look at how the teachers' union is fighting for more money to keep teachers from leaving. (2-22-19)
Negotiators Return to Bargaining Table as Oakland Teachers Strike ContinuesDay 2 of the Oakland teachers strike started well before sunrise on Friday and now teachers have added a new demand. Susie Steimle reports. (2-22-19)
Student Stabbed on Campus at High School in Union CityA student at James Logan High School in Union City was stabbed on campus Friday morning, leading to a lengthy school lockdown and search for the student suspected in the incident. Devin Fehely reports. (2-22-19)
Angry Parents Confront School Officials at Kaiser Elementary in OaklandIn Oakland both sides will be back at the negotiating table Friday morning but, Thursday night, parents faced off with the school superintendent at Kaiser Elementary which is set to close if the strike wears on. Christin Ayers reports. (2-21-19)
Man Promoting Conservative Views Sucker-Punched on Cal CampusUC Berkeley police are looking for the suspect in an assault at Sproul Plaza that happened Tuesday afternoon around 3:30. The suspect punched a man publicizing conservative views -- an attack captured on video. Andria Borba reports. (2-21-19)
Caught on Camera: Conservative Assaulted on UC Berkeley CampusPolice are looking for a suspect who assaulted a man publicizing his conservative viewpoints on the campus of University of California, Berkeley in an attack captured on video. Andria Borba reports. (2-21-19)
Thousands March on Day One of Oakland Teachers StrikeDay One of the Oakland teacher strike kicked off with songs, rallying cries and thousands of teachers, parents, students, and members of various unions gathered in solidarity. Julie Watts reports. (2-21-19)
Oakland High School Students Worry Strike Will Impact College PlansStudents are hoping this strike will end soon.for 10th and 11th graders, who say they're missing out on SAT prep classes and other opportunities. Da Lin reports. (2-21-19)
Fremont Police Drone Finds Missing Deaf TeenIt was pitch black when Fremont police launched their drone in search of a mentally-troubled teen who ran away from the California School for the Deaf. Len Ramirez reports. (2-21-19)
Oakland Teachers, Students, Parents Brace For Imminent StrikeIt's unclear how long the strike will last. The teachers union and the school district have scheduled another bargaining session on Friday morning. Christin Ayers reports. (2-20-2019)
1996 Oakland Teacher Strike: Salary Gap Huge Between Administrators, TeachersJoe Oliver reports. (February 1996)
Oakland Teachers Salaries Among Lowest In All Six Bay Area CountiesAmong the reasons Oakland teachers are going on strike is to demand better pay. Juliette Goodrich crunches the numbers to see how Oakland's salaries compare to other Bay Area school districts.
Thousands Of Oakland Teachers Going On StrikeThousands of Oakland teachers plan to hit the picket lines on February 21. Da Lin tells us schools plan to stay open during the work stoppage by using administrators and substitute teachers.

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