As Foreign Countries Refuse Amreica's Trash, Bay Area Recycling Center Scrambles To Adapt
Now that China stopped taking most recycling from other countries, Bay Area cities are scrambling to find places to send our trash. John Ramos talked to the SF Recology.

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EPA Settles With Tesla Over Hazardous Waste Violations At Fremont FactoryTesla will pay a fine as part of a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency over hazardous waste violations at its factory in Fremont. (4/2/19)
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Water Vs. Wine: Environmental Hearing Could Decide Wine Growth In NapaA hearing in Napa has sides debating a proposed set of environmental rules that could stop the growth of the wine industry in the region. John Ramos reports. (3-26-2019)

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Crews Clear Out Ukiah Forest To Prevent Future WildfiresIn one of the largest emergency forest projects underway in California, crews are thinning two sections of forest on both sides of Ukiah. Wilson Walker reports. (3-25-2019)
Discover The Cool Bugs That Will Be Insect Palooza With Norman Gerschenz Of SaveNature.OrgNorman Gerschenz, CEO and co-founder of and Director of the Insect Discovery Lab brings some really cool bugs to the set for Michelle Griego to see - and even hold. They are just a few of the critters that'll be at Insect Palooza in SF on March 9 at Umpqua Bank.
Bay Area Students Join Worldwide Strike to Demand Climate ActionThousands of Bay Area students joined a global youth strike on Friday to demand leaders take action on climate change. Wilson Walker reports. (3-15-19)
Tesla Walks Back Plan To Close Most ShowroomsAfter Tesla announced last week it would close most of its showrooms to help bring costs down on their long-awaited Model 3 sedan, the maker of electric cars is reversing course. Anne Makovec reports. (3/11/19)
East Bay Fire Districts Propose Critical 14-Mile Fire-Break To Protect 500K+ ResidentsIf the fire prevention project is approved for state funding, the fire break would protect 30 East Bay communities and more than half a million people from potential fire danger. Katie Nielsen reports. (3-10-2019)
Thanks to Climate Change, Wet Winters No Match for Drier California SummersIf the emerald-green hills around Northern California have you thinking recent rains have put a damper on the fire danger next summer, you'd be wrong. Wilson Walker reports. (3-8-19)
Sonoma County To Hold Emergency Meeting On Flood CleanupSonoma County officials will detail their plan to keep people there safe after floodwaters overwhelmed the area and littered streets with toxic debris. Jackie Ward reports. (3/7/19)
Toxic Waste Disposal A Concern As Guerneville Residents Clean Up After FloodingAs Guerneville residents work to dig out and clean up from last week's historic Russian River flooding, John Ramos reports that county officials are reminding people how to dispose of debris safely.
Russian River Flood Waters Dropping; Evacuations Expected To Be LiftedWith water levels on the flooded Russian River dropping, officials hope to lift evacuation orders Friday and start assessing damage to towns along the river, including Guerneville. Jackie Ward reports. (3/1/19)
Team Coverage: Rising Waters, Mudslide Risks In North Bay Due To Atmospheric RiverThe latest atmospheric river storm has sent waters rising all across the North Bay and has raised the risk of potential mudslides. The storm is expected to head south later in the day. Emily Turner and Jackie Ward report. (2/26/19)
Kids Confront Sen. Dianne Feinstein Over Green New DealA group of young activists confronted U.S. senator Dianne Feinstein in her Bay Area office saying she should support a "green new deal" that other Democrats have proposed. (2-22-19)
San Anselmo Town Council Approves Big Electric Vehicle StrategyPeople living in a small town in the Marin County have an ambitious plan to change the world, starting in their own driveways. John Ramos reports. (2-19-2019)
Researchers Find Large Amount Of Tiny, Harmful Plastic On Ocean BeachA global research project to track one kind of beach debris is raising an alarming concern that there may be a lot more plastic in the ocean than we ever imagined. John Ramos reports. (2-17-2019)
Bay Area Reservoirs At Normal Levels Despite Recent Droughts, FloodingHarsh droughts followed by unusually wet conditions have caused Bay Area reservoir levels to fluctuate. But experts say that 2019 marks a new trend for water levels. Wilson Walker reports. (1-30-2019)
Exclusive Look Inside Hetch Hetchy Dam's Mountain TunnelFor the first time in history, TV cameras are going inside the Mountain Tunnel of the Hetch Hetchy Dam while engineers make repairs. Don Ford reports. (1-30-2019)
Baker Beach Cleanup Volunteers Track Trash to Shame Litter LeadersAn effort to beautify a popular San Francisco beach on Sunday turned the focus away from those who toss garbage to those who manufacture it. John Ramos reports. (1-27-2019)
Recent Storms Filled Marin StreamsPaired with the crystal clear skies, the full streams will be running strong for days. Don Ford reports. (1-21-2019)
Tesla Announces Job Cuts In Attempt To Produce Lower-Priced CarTesla CEO Elon Musk announced Friday that the electric car maker will cut seven percent of its workforce, as it tries to produce more affordable vehicles. Katie Nielsen reports. (1/18/19)
Over 500 Endangered Coho Salmon Swim Into Lagunitas CreekThe Marin Municipal Water District has counted 563 Coho salmon in Lagunitas Creek, the highest number in 12 years. Don Ford reports. (1-15-2019)
PG&E Prepares For Potential Bankruptcy; CEO Steps DownReports said the utilities company may send out notices to its staff on Monday about preparing for a potential bankruptcy. CEO Geisha Wililams stepped down on Sunday after less than two years with the company. (1-13-2019)

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