The Department of Fish and Wildlife was recently awarded $10 million to wipe out the large invasive rodents and that effort is now well underway. Wilson Walker reports. (9-13-19)

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State Steps Up Multimillion-Dollar Battle to Eradicate Nutria from DeltaThe Department of Fish and Wildlife was recently awarded $10 million to wipe out the large invasive rodents and that effort is now well underway. Wilson Walker reports. (9-13-19)
Federal Plan To Allow E-Bikes On National Park Trails Raises Safety ConcernsThe Trump administration announced a plan to allow e-bikes on trails in national parks. John Ramos tells us nature advocates argue the policy poses a safety hazard.
Toxic Algae Warning Issued for Some California Lakes, WaterwaysCalifornia water officials on Friday warned people who plan to enjoy the state's lakes and reservoirs this Labor Day weekend to be cautious about harmful blue-green algae. Da Lin reports. (8-30-19)
Future Uncertain for Undeveloped Shoreline Property in BurlingameThe California Lands Commission will decide the fate of the property as parkland or a new hotel. Don Ford reports. (8-23-19)
Amazon Wildfires Spark Global Concern, OutrageThe Amazon rain forest is burning and thick smoke is blacking out the sun in parts of South America. KPIX 5's Wilson Walker reports on how a political shift in Brazil became a turning point for the planet. (8-22-19)
SFO Airport Ending Sales Of Plastic Water BottlesSan Francisco International Airport is ending sales of water sold in disposable plastic bottles, in an effort to reduce waste and save the environment. (8/20/19)
California's Largest Recycling Business Shuttering Hundreds Of CentersRePlanet is closing all 284 of its centers in California. Residents now have fewer places to go, and as Wilson Walker explains, people who rely on recycling for their livelihood will be hit the hardest.
SFO Announces Ban on Sale of Single-Use Plastic Water BottlesSan Francisco International Airport is making history by becoming the first major U.S. airport to ban the sale of single-use plastic water bottles. Maria Medina reports. (8-2-19)
Petaluma Appeals to Army Corps of Engineers to Dredge Clogged RiverWinding through downtown, the Petaluma River has, in places, become a giant mud hole. Don Ford reports. (8-2-19)

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Shuttered Berkeley Steel Foundry’s Toxic Footprint Poses Risk for WorkersEmployees at a recycling business on the site of a steel foundry that shut down last year after going bankrupt are at risk, according to the Alameda County Department of Public Health. Christin Ayers reports. (8-1-19)
Online Map Shows Bay Area Neighborhoods at Risk for Sea Level RiseThe real estate site Zillow and have produced an interactive map that predicts where sea level rise will be in thirty years. Don Ford reports. (8-1-19)
Marin Homeowner Denied Permit For Backup Generator As PG&E Power Shutoffs LoomCalifornians are told large wildfires may be the new normal and residents should prepare for power shutoffs. John Ramos met a Mill Valley homeowner who hit a wall at City Hall, when he tried to do just that.
Bay Area To See More 'Killer' Heat Waves If Global Temps Keep Rising, Report WarnsA new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists warns that if no action is taken on climate change, the Bay Area would see many more potentially deadly heat waves and many cities would see more days of 105+ degree temperatures. (7/16/19)
Navy Turns Over Concord Weapons Station Land for New Regional ParkMore than 2,200 acres of former Concord Naval Weapons Station land in eastern Concord is now in the hands of the East Bay Regional Park District, which plans to make this land the center of a new park. Devin Fehely reports. (7-14-19)
'Overtourism Is Killing Big Sur' Banner Appears On Iconic Bixby BridgeSome people along California's iconic Big Sur have reached their boiling point over congestion in the area, with one person hanging a banner that read "Overtourism is Killing Big Sur" on the Bixby Bridge. (7/10/19)
High June Temps Cause Mussel Die-Off on California CoastLast month's sizzling heat wave in the Bay Area killed off mussel beds along the coast, roasting the mollusks in their shells. Wilson Walker reports. (7-5-19)
No Dangerous Substance In Suspicious Package Found At Facebook Mail FacilityFacebook officials said no dangerous substances were found in a suspicious package that was found at the company's mail facility in Menlo Park on Monday, prompting the evacuation of several buildings. Jackie Ward reports. (7/2/19)
Port of Oakland Replaces Diesel-Guzzling Cranes With Hybrid DesignsDon Ford checks out the new hybrid cranes that are helping the Port of Oakland go green. (6-28-19)
Plan to Drop Poison on Farallon Islands to Eradicate Mice Draws CriticismThe US Fish and Wildlife Department is floating a controversial plan to dump one and a half tons of poison pellets on the Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge to get rid of an infestation of mice. John Ramos (6-27-19)
San Francisco Gas Prices Down 27 Cents / Gallon In Past MonthGas prices in San Francisco have fallen nearly five cents per gallon in the past week, continuing a downward trend over the last several weeks. (6/24/19)
'Home Hardening' Seen As Next Level Protection In Age Of Constant WildfiresWith more devastating wildfires in the last several years in California, homeowners are doing much more to increase their chances of saving their homes from burning down. Sharon Chin reports. (6-18-2019)
Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Fined $1.6 Million for Denying Beach Access to PublicThe California Coastal Commission slapped the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay hotel with a $1.6 million fine Thursday for repeatedly denying public access to nearby beaches. Maria Medina reports. (6-13-19)
New Zero-Emission Bay Ferry Set To Launch In FallNew ferries powered by hydrogen fuel cells are just months away from hit the waves on San Francisco Bay. They will be the first commercial vessels in the world to go emissions-free. Kiet Do reports. (6-13-19)
Palo Alto Passes Sweeping Ban on Single-Use PlasticsThe city of Palo Alto passed a sweeping ban on plastics that will eventually eliminate nearly all non-recyclable plastic from the restaurant and service industry. Devin Fehely reports. (6-13-19)
Sand Fire Burning in Yolo County Sends Smoke Across Sweltering Bay AreaSmoke from the Sand Fire burning in Yolo County comes after a combination of sizzling temperatures, light winds and vehicle exhaust prompted the first Spare the Air smog alert of 2019. Anna Giles and Betty Yu report. (6-8-19)
South Bay Water Agency Proposes Storing Water Beneath Ranch in Central ValleyThe Santa Clara County Water District wants to buy a cattle ranch in Atwater in Merced County. The idea is to use the site as a backup for storing water in time of drought. Len Ramirez reports. (5-31-19)
Coastside Homeowners Fear Losing Property to Policies to Address Sea Level RiseCities up and down the California coast are grappling with a looming crisis:  How to deal with rising sea levels. Susie Steimle reports. (5-23-19)
Anchor Out Boats May Be Damaging Vital Eel Grass On Bottom Of BayIllegally anchored boats in parts of the San Francisco Bay may be doing environmental damage. Don Ford tells about a study that says they are scraping vital eel grass from the bottom of the bay.
Attorney For Camp Fire Victims Says PG&E May Soon Face Criminal ChargesAn attorney representing around 2000 Camp Fire victims wasn't surprised to hear about Cal Fire's investigation into PG&E. He believes criminal charges may be filed against the utility. Andrea Nakano reports. (5-15-2019)

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