Empty Restaurants By Day Transform Into Busy Co-Working SpacesThere’s a new trend: turning restaurants into shared office spaces. Julie Watts reports. (7/6/17)
Scammers Use Ransomware Look-AlikesScammers are copying well-known ransomware groups to try to get consumers to pay up, but there are tricks if you smell a scam. Julie Watts reports. (7/5/17)
ConsumerWatch: Hacking Fitbit for Insurance BenefitsPeople trying to save money on their health insurance have found a way to appear healthier than they actually are. Julie Watts reports. (7-4-17)
Amazon To Buy Whole Foods Grocery Store ChainIn a major shakeup to the grocery industry, Amazon announced it is buying Whole Foods in what's said to be a $7 billion deal. Len Ramirez reports. (6-16-17)
Workers Claim Online Babysitting Startup Stiffs SittersIndependent contractors of a San Francisco-based babysitting agency called Wondersitter say they've been cheated out of months of pay. Andria Borba reports. (6-15-17)
ConsumerWatch Weekend RoundupA look at some of the week's top consumer topics with Julie Watts. (6-10-17)
ConsumerWatch: Prepaid Card ProtectionsOne in ten households uses a prepaid debit card as their primary card but prepaid cards don't come with the same protections as credit cards. Julie Watts reports there are new rules that could change that. (6-9-17)
ConsumerWatch: Facebook Ads WarningBuyer beware before you click on that Facebook ad with millions of "likes." Consumer reporter Julie Watts has a warning about the deals that show up in your news feed. (6-8-17)
SF Startup Scours Your Medical Bills For Costly ErrorsEven when you have insurance, a surprise medical bill can really hurt. ConsumerWatch reporter Julie Watts tells us about a SF-based startup that will scan your bills for errors.
ConsumerWatch: Prescription Price ShockWhether or not you have prescription coverage, drug prices vary greatly depending on where you fill the prescription. Consumer reporter Julie Watts reports on a medication markup that left one senior stunned. (6-2-17)
ConsumerWatch: Surviving A Car CrashA new report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that your odds of surviving a crash may depend on the size of your automobile. Julie Watts explains. (5-25-17)
Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium Found In Popular Pet FoodsLab tests commissioned by the Clean Label Project are shedding light on what they say are shocking levels of contaminants lurking in pet foods. Julie Watts reports. (5/24/17)
Amazon Customers Report Bait-And-Switch Delivery OffersAmazon customers are reporting bait-and-switch delivery offers and they're not happy. Julie Watts reports. (5/22/17)
ConsumerWatch: Cord Blood StorageMillions of parents store their babies' umbilical cord blood but a local family wonders if the benefits are worth the rising cost. Julie Watts reports. (5-18-17)
ConsumerWatch: New Study Shows Quantities Of BPA Found In Canned Food Still HighJulie Watts reports on the latest study measuring the amount of Bisphenol-A found in canned food goods (5-17-2017)
A Simple Fix Could Save Lives In Car Vs. Truck CollisionsDeadly crashes involving large trucks are on the rise. But a simple fix could save lives. Julie Watts reports. (5/16/17)
Psychedelic Drug Banned In The U.S. May Help Battle AddictionA potential treatment for addiction: a psychedelic derived from the bark of an African scrub. The shrub is iboga. The treatment is ibogaine. Susie Steimle reports. (5/15/17)
Cyber Scammers Target Consumers With Fake Facebook CouponsCyber scammers are trying to trick people by offering supposedly free coupons. Julie Watts reports. (5/15/17)
ConsumerWatch: Fury Over Fire Inspection FinesHomeowners in the Oakland hills say they're being hit with big fines for fire inspections -- fines that many say were issued by mistake. Julie Watts investigates. (5-12-17)
More Suspicious Car Fires Set In Walnut Creek, LafayetteAuthorities are searching for a possible serial arsonist after two more suspicious car fires were reported in Walnut Creek and Lafayette early Friday morning. Jessica Flores reports. (5/12/17)
US May Soon Ban Laptops In Cabins On Flights From EuropeAfter banning the use of laptops and tablets on flights from the U.S. and the Middle East, the Department of Homeland Security said it may also restrict the use of laptops on flights from Europe. Anne Makovec reports. (5/11/17)
ConsumerWatch: Toyota Prius Has Issue Outlasting Its Odometer.Julie Watts reports on problems Toyota Prius owners can have after odometer tops out at 299,999 miles. (5-10-2017)
ConsumerWatch Weekend: Kit CultureMarketing expert Richard Laermer discusses a growing do-it-yourself trend -- call it kit culture -- with consumer reporter Julie Watts. (5-6-17)
ConsumerWatch Investigation: Banks Raid Safe Deposit BoxesBank robbers aren't the only ones who may empty your safe deposit box. Some customers complain they were blindsided when their bank drilled their safe deposit boxes and now they're missing thousands of dollars in valuables. Julie Watts reports. (5-5-17)

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