Prop. 6 Supporters Consider Legal Action Over Ballot WordingSupporters of Proposition 6, which would repeal the recent gas tax hike for road repairs, plan to take legal action over how the measure is worded on the ballot. Jackie Ward reports. (10/29/18)
Republican John Cox, Prop. 6 Supporters Bring Campaign To South BayWith two weeks to go until Election Day, Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox brought his fight to repeal the recently enacted hike in gas taxes to the Bay Area on Monday. Anne Makovec reports. (10/22/18)
SF Shoe Startup Struggles to Meet Demand After Megan Markle Seen Wearing Their WaresMegan Markle and Prince Harry are on their first royal tour and eco-friendly shoes (made by a San Francisco company) worn by the duchess have sparked a fashion frenzy. Julie Watts reports. (10-19-18)
KPIX at 70: Official Rules for Organic Food LabelsSixteen years ago, "organic" became official when the USDA instituted new rules governing what foods could and could not, carry the label. The system remains in place today. Looking back to 2002, consumer reporter Sue Kwon showed how it worked.
City Releases Test Results Showing Sunset District Water Safe to DrinkThe San Francisco Water Department showed off new test results, it says prove the water is safe to drink, with no signs of pesticides, as some residents had claimed. Julie Watts reports. (10-18-18)
At Issue: Living With CancerLiving with cancer -- or loved ones with cancer -- is increasingly common. Julie Watts speaks with author and illustrator Nicole Skibola, a cancer survivor herself, about Skibola's new book "Wakeful Night: A Structured Reflection on Loss and Illumination" (10-13-18)
2 Arrested After Several Gas Pump Credit Card Skimmers Found at Bay Area StationsDeputies pulled a total of five credit card skimmers from a pair of neighboring gas stations in Sonoma on Thursday and another popped up Friday morning at a World gas station in Sunnyvale. Now, a pair of arrests has been made. Julie Watts reports. (10-12-18)
Analysis Shows High Levels of Toxic Metal in Jewelry Sold by Popular RetailersPopular stores including Ross, which sold most of the tainted items, and Nordstrom Rack were found to be selling jewelry that contained worrisome levels of cadmium. Betty Yur reports. (10-11-18)
S.F. PUC Steps Up Effort to Assure Sunset District Residents Water is SafeThe city says their water is safe to drink but some folks in the Sunset District aren't so sure. Julie Watts reports. (10-11-18)
ConsumerWatch Weekend: Airline Passenger RightsCongress approved airline legislation that reauthorizes the Federal Aviation Administration for five years. Julie Watts talks about what's in this legislation with Joe Rideout. (10-7-18)
ConsumerWatch: LaCroix Purity ChallengedLaCroix sparkling water is facing a lawsuit alleging its claims of "all natural" and "100 percent natural" are misleading because of artificial ingredients. Julie Watts reports. (10-5-18)
Gas Tax Repeal Supporters Look To Stop High-Speed RailSupporters of Proposition 6, which would repeal recent gas tax hikes, are also launching a campaign to stop the state's high-speed rail project. Jackie Ward reports. (9/25/18)
S.F.'s Former Chief Building Inspector Accused of Defrauding CityRodrigo Santos was once the president of the San Francisco Building Inspection Commission. Now he's in some hot water. His firm has been accused of submitting bogus documents and plans for work on three homes. Julie Watts reports. (9-20-19)
Tech Workers Delay Starting Families Due to Cost of LivingSome Bay Area tech workers say the high cost of living in Silicon Valley is preventing them from becoming parents. Julie Watts reports. (9-13-18)
ConsumerWatch: Cashier CrackdownYou go to lunch, the cashier rings you up then turns the register around and asks you to sign. As it turns out -- that's illegal. Consumer reporter Julie Watts reports on why many stores can't seem to get the law right. (8-30-18)
Head of State Democratic Party Calls Out In-N-Out Burger for Campaign ContributionsThe leader of the state Democratic Party is targeting the iconic California burger chain saying he's not happy that In-N-Out has been contributing to Republican campaigns. Mary Lee reports. (8-30-18)
Kaiser Stops Charging 2 Co-Payments For EpiPen Prescriptions Following ComplaintsKaiser Permanente is making changes following our reports it was rationing the lifesaving EpiPen by only giving patients half of their prescription – one syringe instead of the usual two - and charging two co-payments. Julie Watts reports. (8/29/18)
Fire Chief Says Verizon Needs to Drop 1st Responder Data CapsA Marin County battalion chief says Verizon needs to do more to make high-speed data constantly available to emergency response teams. Andria Borba reports. (8-24-18)
First Responders Say Verizon Data Throttling Impedes Wildfire ResponseSanta Clara County says their fire department's data was throttled as they fought the state's largest wildfire in history. That made it difficult for them to share vital information with the public. Julie Watts reports. (8-22-18)
Kaiser Patients Complain of Insufficient EpiPen PrescriptionsPatients say Kaiser is refusing to give them their full two-dose prescription for the version of the EpiPen that Kaiser covers and patients say they're terrified their kids will pay the price. (8-17-18)
ConsumerWatch: Tainted Breakfast CerealsA new report finds that popular breakfast foods, including some cereals and granolas contain weed-killing chemical that some experts have linked to cancer. Julie Watts reports. (8-15-18)
Bay Area Auto Club Celebrates Ford's 10 Millionth MustangFord Motor Co. marked production of the 10 millionth Mustang with celebrations Wednesday at the automaker's headquarters and at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant and here, in the Bay Area, longtime fans of the iconic sports car praised its virtues. John Ramos reports. (8-8-18)
ConsumerWatch: New Phishing Scam Involves 'Sextortion'The newest phishing scam circulating online is sure to get your attention -- it has to do with porn and your password. Julie Watts reports. (7-26-18)
ConsumerWatch WeekendJulie Watts talks with Marissa DiBartolo, editor at The Pop Insider and The Toy Insider, about summer toy trends. (7-21-18)

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