Testimony Friday focused on what Elizabeth Holmes knew about her company's faulty blood-test technology and how she went ahead with plans to launch the product anyway. Len Ramirez reports. (9-24-21)

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Theranos Lab Director Testimony Ends Week 3 of Holmes Fraud TrialTestimony Friday focused on what Elizabeth Holmes knew about her company's faulty blood-test technology and how she went ahead with plans to launch the product anyway. Len Ramirez reports. (9-24-21)
Oakland Hit With Lawsuit for Failure to Clean Up Homeless CampsThe "We Deserve Better" Alliance has filed a lawsuit against Oakland for failing to enforce a policy requiring the city to clean up homeless encampments and move residents into housing. Andria Borba reports. (9-23-21)
CA Insurance Commissioner: 325,000 Homeowners In Wildfire Zones Won't Lose CoverageCalifornia has barred insurance companies from dropping hundreds of thousands of property owners in wildfire zones. Andrea Nakano explains.
9 OPD Officers Disciplined After Investigation Into Offensive Social Media PostsOakland city officials on Friday revealed that a total of nine officers were disciplined as a result of inappropriate use of social media. Andrea Nakano reports. (9-17-21)
San Mateo County Mounts Effort to Boost Coastside Vaccination RateSan Mateo County health officials are on a mission to improve vaccination rates. While most cities inland have high vaccination rates, there are a handful of spots along the coast that are lagging. Max Darrow reports. (9-17-21)
Theranos Trial: Former Employees TestifyElizabeth Holmes returned to court for Day 4 of her trial facing charges of fraud and conspiracy. Len Ramirez reports. (9-17-21)
FDA to Consider Pfizer Application for COVID Booster ShotsThe decision on booster shots rests with an FDA advisory committee which is set to meet Friday to consider Pfizer's application for third-dose authorization. Andria Borba reports. (9-16-21)
Gov. Newsom Urges Democratic Leaders to 'Lean In' on Vax MandatesGovernor Gavin Newsom is telling Democrats across the country to “lean in” and “not be timid” about COVID restrictions. Kenny Choi reports. (9-16-21)
Police Blame Day Of Unprecedented Violence In Oakland On Low Morale, UnderstaffingA violent Monday across Oakland that left at least 3 dead has prompted a lot of finger-pointing between police and city leaders. Andria Borba has the latest salvo.
In Final Hours of Campaign, Newsom Trains Fire on GOP FrontrunnerGov. Newsom stayed on the same message we have been hearing since he first started campaigning -- framing the recall around one specific opponent, Larry Elder. (9-11-21)
How Gov. Newsom Bounced Back in Recall PollsWhat accounts for the remarkable turnaround in the California recall election polls? Wilson Walker talked to politics experts to find out. (9-10-21)
California Steps Up Efforts to Secure Vote in Recall ElectionWith so much concern about voter fraud, the state is taking extra measures to make sure every vote is fairly counted. Gianna Franco reports. (9-10-21)
New Poll Shows Newsom Lead Widening in Recall ElectionA new poll from UC Berkeley institute of governmental studies and the L.A. Times found likely voters opposed to removing Gov. Newsom by 60% compared to 38% who want him out. (9-10-21)
Recall Challengers Running Out of Time as Democratic Ballots Stream InPolls and early returns indicate Gov. Gavin Newsom can be cautiously confident he’ll get to keep his job. Kenny Choi reports. (9-9-21)
Recall Candidates Ramp Up Campaigns Ahead Tuesday's ElectionWith less than a week before the recall election, Gov. Newsom and a small army of challengers worked the campaign trail. (9-9-21)
Biden Announces Federal COVID Vaccine Mandate for Private CompaniesPresident Biden announced the most sweeping COVID-19 vaccine requirements yet on Thursday. Skyler Henry reports from Washington. (9-9-21)
Federal Unemployment Benefits End for Millions of CaliforniansMore than two million Californians have lost federal unemployment benefits that helped them stay afloat financially during the worst of the pandemic. Devin Fehely reports. (9-6-21)
California Recall: Newsom, Challengers Step Up Their CampaignsTeam coverage from Joy Benedict in Southern California and analysis from University of San Francisco politics professor James Taylor. (9-6-21)
Mountain View Begins Enforcing Ban on Most RV Street ParkingDespite a lawsuit calling its ban on oversized vehicles on narrow streets inhumane, the city of Mountain View has begun to enforce the voter-approved measure. Maria Cid Medina reports. (9-3-21)
Dozens Protest Plan for New Santa Clara County Main Jail, SheriffRoughly three dozen protesters gathered outside the Santa Clara County Main Jail Friday afternoon to demand a "shutdown" of plans for the new jail and the sheriff that oversees the facility. Maria Medina reports. (8-27-21)
Accident Victim, Residents Call for Hayward to Improve Safety at Notorious IntersectionThe intersection of B Street and Mission Boulevard in Hayward is notorious for pedestrian accidents. Yet the city has no specific plan to improve safety there despite residents' pleas to take action. Maria Cid Medina reports. (8-22-21)
Afghan Man's Bay Area Wife Pleads for U.S. to Perservere With EvacuationsZorah Aziz, of Fremont, is desperate to get her husband out of Afghanistan as the Taliban tighten control of their country. Devin Fehely reports. (8-21-21)
Alameda County Superior Judge Rules Ride-Hailing Law UnconstitutionalA judge has struck down California’s ballot measure that exempted Uber and other companies from a state law requiring their drivers to be classified as employees eligible for benefits and job protections. Maria Cid Medina reports. (8-20-21)
San Francisco City Employees Suspended for Not Disclosing Vaccination StatusSan Francisco has suspended some employees who refused to reveal their vaccination status. Andria Borba reports. (8-20-21)

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