San Francisco is on track to become the first city in the U.S. to ban e-cigarette sales. Small businesses told Betty Yu that it would be a disaster for them. (6-18-2019)

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San Francisco Moves Closer To Banning All E-Cigarette Sales CitywideSan Francisco is on track to become the first city in the U.S. to ban e-cigarette sales. Small businesses told Betty Yu that it would be a disaster for them. (6-18-2019)
Kaiser's New National Headquarters Will Be Oakland's Biggest Skyscraper YetKaiser Permanente is building a new national headquarters in Oakland's Uptown neighborhood. Wilson Walker talked to Oakland city officials and residents who says they consider the new Thrive Center as a boon for the city.
Tri-Delta Transit Launches 'Tri My Ride' AppTri-Delta Transit kicked off an app-based service called 'Tri My Ride.' As John Ramos tells us, its a shuttle service similar to Uber.
Uber, Lyft Try To Stop Proposed Law That Defines Drivers As EmployeesThere's a a bill called AB 5 that would require companies like Uber and Lyft to treat their drivers like employees. But KPIX 5 learned that these companies are going through their drivers' apps to get them to oppose the bill. Melissa Caen reports. (6-16-2019)
Talking Politics: Dirt-Gathering Ethics / Calling Out KellyanneIs taking campaign "dirt" from foreign governments OK? Will Kellyanne Conway quit violating the Hatch Act? Who is better to ask than former S.F. mayor Willie Brown? Phil Matier and Melissa Caen can't think of anyone. (6-16-19)
Democratic Leaders Shine Spotlight on Health CareBay Area congresswoman Jackie Speier along with Rep. Mike Thompson and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took aim at Pres. Trump on Saturday while promoting their health care agenda. Melissa Caen reports. (6-15-19)
California Budget Headed To Governor Has Good And Bad News For UninsuredThe state budget includes money to give taxpayer-funded health insurance to some low-income adults living in the country illegally and authorizes $2.4 billion in spending to address the state's housing and homelessness crisis. Melissa Caen reports. (6-13-19)
Hundreds Of Santa Clara County Workers Protest As Supes Discuss $8B BudgetHundreds of Santa Clara county workers protested outside the county building Wednesday as supervisors continued finalizing a more than $8 billion dollar budget for next year. Maria Medina reports. (6-12-2019)
San Jose Mayor, Residents Sound Off About Blaring Train Noise At Union Pacific MeetingSan Jose residents, including Mayor Sam Liccardo, sounded off Wednesday at a meeting with Union Pacific representatives over its change in schedule to run trains overnight. Maria Medina reports. (6-5-2019)

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Oakland Councilmember Says Mushroom Move Will Help City's Other IssuesOakland city leaders have voted to decriminalize hallucinogenic mushrooms. Melissa Caen reports on why one city councilmember says the move will help Oakland tackle other serious issues. (6-5-2019)
Party Members Attack Sponsors Of CA Dem. ConventionFox, Uber and Juul are not companies one might expect to see featured as sponsors of the California Democratic Convention. But there they were--listed next to Bernie Sanders and labor unions. Melissa Caen reports. (6-2-2019)
CA Dem. Convention: Sanders Takes Shots At Biden, Delaney Boo'edOn day 3 of the California Democratic Convention, things got interesting. Bernie Sanders seemed to take shots at Joe Biden and John Delaney (D-Maryland) basically got boo'ed right off the stage. Melissa Caen reports. (6-2-2019)
Talking Politics: Dem Convention / Spinning MuellerThe City sank a little under the weight of so many Democratic presidential candidates this weekend. Also, how should Pelosi handle her party's drive toward the I-word? Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown discuss. (6-2-19)
At Issue: Presidential Parade / Reach to ImpeachKPIX 5's Phil Matier and Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) discuss the Democratic presidential field and whether House Democrats will push Speaker Pelosi toward impeachment hearings. (6-2-19)
Report: DoJ Preparing Antitrust Investigation of GoogleSilicon Valley tech giant Google may be at the center of an anti-trust investigation by the Department of Justice, according to the Wall Street Journal. Maria Medina reports. (5-31-19)
Talking Politics: SFPD Turmoil / The Nancy 'n' Donald ShowWhat's the future of S.F. police chief William Scott? Will the escalating feud between the president and House speaker go into syndication? Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown ponder out loud. (5-26-19)
At Issue: Future of BARTKPIX 5's Phil Matier talks with BART board of directors member Bevan Dufty. (5-26-19)
LGBT Advocates Vow to Fight Trump's Proposed Transgender ACA RollbacksLGBT advocates are vowing to fight the Trump Administration proposal to roll back protections for transgender people in the Affordable Care Act. Devin Fehely reports. (5-24-19)
U.S.-China Trade War Drying Up Wine Exports From Napa ValleyThe U.S. trade war with China is drying up wine exports from the Napa valley. Some wineries reporting sales to China have hit rock bottom as a new round of tariffs are expected on June 1. Andrea Nakano reports. (5-22-2019)
At Issue: Housing and Homelessness in the Bay AreaKPIX 5's Phil Matier talks with California state senator Scott Wiener (D-S.F.) (5-19-19)
Public Defender Argues Against Judge’s Ruling to Try Santa Cruz Teen as AdultThe Santa Cruz County Public Defender’s Office says a judge got it wrong when he decided to continue to prosecute accused killer Adrian Gonzalez as an adult. Devin Fehely reports. (5-17-19)
Gilroy Garlic Growers Cheer Tariffs on ChinaBay Area garlic producers have a different take on the tariffs against China compared to most American farmers -- they say President Trump's latest move will help them. Len Ramirez reports. (5-17-19)
Border Wall Battle Comes to Bay AreaThe White House is bringing its border wall battle to the Bay Area, squaring off against opponents here in federal court. Melissa Caen reports. (5-17-19)
Gov. Newsom Pushes for Lowered Prescription Drug PricesThree Bay Area counties joined the state of California to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. Governor Gavin Newsom says he's prepared to play hardball to lower the costs. Melissa Caen reports. (5-16-19)
Talking Politics: Trump Blocks, Congress TacklesDemocrats are saying the president has plunged the nation into a "constitutional crisis." Also, will attempts to compel Pres. Trump to reveal his tax returns succeed? Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown discuss. (5-12-19)
At Issue: State Budget Spending PrioritiesKPIX 5's Phil Matier talks with assemblyman Phil Ting (D-S.F.) about California's projected budget surplus. (5-12-19)
Bay Area Wine Producers Fear Effect of Increased China TariffsWith the U.S. and China embroiled in what appears to be a worsening trade war, The tariff increase and the threat of further escalation has raised concerns in Bay Area wine country. Wilson Walker reports. (5-10-19)
Brake-Slamming BART Turn In Oakland Is The Result Of An Old Political FavorThe sharp, brake-slamming BART turn beneath the streets of downtown Oakland is the result of a 1960s political favor that changed BART's original design. Wilson Walker reports. (5-7-2019)
Former SF Supe's House Egged After Using Racial Slur In Front Of Black City WorkersFormer San Francisco supervisor and mayoral candidate Angela Alioto received backlash--someone even egged her house--after she repeatedly used the "N-word" in a meeting with African-American city workers. Joe Vasquez reports. (5-5-2019)

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