Half a dozen countries now are using what looks like the old America’s Cup boats but, they are not. Don Ford tells us they are new, part of Generation 2, and they are much faster!

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Newest America's Cup Sailboats Mean World's Fastest Boat Race Will Be Even FasterHalf a dozen countries now are using what looks like the old America’s Cup boats but, they are not. Don Ford tells us they are new, part of Generation 2, and they are much faster!
SF CEO Among 21 Dead In Kenya Terror AttackJason Spindler, the CEO of tech investment firm iDev in San Francisco, was killed in a terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday. He was a hero who tried to get others get out of the attack safely. Susie Steimle reports. (1-16-2019)
South Bay Funeral Home to Be Transformed Into Club for Women EntrepreneursFormer Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is on to her next project. KPIX 5's Devin Fehely reports on her plans to breathe new life into an old Palo Alto funeral home. (8-31-18)
Salesforce Tower's Official Grand Opening Ends With Muted Fireworks, Festive MoodThe fog may have dimmed the fireworks at the grand opening of the Salesforce building in San Francisco, but as Betty Yu tells us, it didn't dampen the mood.
Surveillance Showdown Brewing Over Amazon's Facial Recognition TechnologyAmazon has handed new technology that can identify faces in the crowd to law enforcement. Andrea Nakano tell us, privacy watchdogs are gearing up for a surveillance showdown.
Families Submit DNA Samples To Help Crack Unsolved Missing Persons CasesInvestigators in San Mateo County are asking families to come forward with DNA samples to try to crack some of their oldest missing persons cases. Devin Fehely met one family hoping for closure.
More Californians Texting While Driving Than EverA new study says people are not getting the message about texting and driving. Jackie Ward reports that some of the worst culprits are in California.
$1 Bird Scooters Pop Up In San Francisco And San JoseBird scooters hit the streets without much notice. Public officials aren't thrilled. Maria Medina reports. (3/28/18)
Augmented Reality For Firefighting Has ArrivedA San Francisco company is creating new technology that help firefighting crews on the ground see through smoke. Devin Fehely reports. (3/28/18)
Facebook's User Data Could Help ICE Track Undocumented ImmigrantsA new report says ICE could access Facebook date to track immigrants targeted for deportation. Betty Yu reports on these latest legal challenges.
KCI Makerspace Kids Tech CampKCI Makerspace tech camp is not your typical experience. Liz Sylvan, Maker-In-Residence at the Krouse Center for Innovation at Foothill College explains why.
Teens Ditching Facebook For SnapchatNew numbers show Facebook is losing younger users and it's projected to get worse. As Kiet Do reports, Facebook's loss is Snapchat's gain.
24/7 Car Security Camera Could Solve San Francisco's Car Break-In ProblemsCar owners have a new tool to fight car break-ins: the Owl cam. Maria Medina reports. (2/12/18)
Man Claims Apple Airpods Blew Up In His EarJason Colon of Florida says he was wearing his Apple Airpods at the gym when they blew up.
Protesters Disrupt Mayor's Address With Anti-Google ChantsIn San Jose protesters disrupted the mayor’s State of the City Address, with chants of, "Say it loud, say it clear, Google is not welcome here.” Devin Fehely asked them about their grievances.
Lawmaker Aims To Protect America's Vulnerable GPS Satellite SystemAn attack on America's GPS system could cripple infrastructure and topple our economy. Kiet Do talked to a lawmaker whose plan would backup the system and prevent such an attack.
Apple Apologizes For Making Older iPhone Battery SlowApple publicly apologized to customers for the battery performance of older iPhone models. Maria Medina tells us what the company is doing to make things right.
Women Land In Facebook Jail After Posting Negative Comments About MenWomen report getting banned from Facebook for posting negative comments about men. Kiet Do reports. (12/5/17)
UPS Workers Delivering Overtime To Meet Online Purchasing DemandsUPS workers may have to work up to 70 hours in an eight-day period in order to deliver products purchased via the Internet over the holidays. Susie Steimle reports. (12/4/17)
Redwood Grove Sown From Seeds That Traveled In Outer SpaceAlong the back of Peers Park in Palo Alto there is a grove of redwoods that have no doubt traveled a lot farther than you have. John Ramos tells us they once orbited millions of miles in outer space.
Bombshell Letter From Former Uber Exec Alleges Acts Of MisconductA letter from a former executive to an Uber lawyer details alleged misconduct at the company. Jackie Ward says Uber hired CIA agents to steal other companies' secrets.
Man Gunned Down In Broad Daylight Over Used Cellphone SaleA man using the popular 'Let Go' app to sell his cellphone was gunned down in broad daylight in San Leandro Saturday. Katie Nielsen talked to stunned residents.
Survey: Employees Admit Wasting Time At Work On Their SmartphonesEmployees admitted spending one hour and 36 minutes a day doing personal tasks at work. Almost an hour of that is on a smartphone, according to a survey from OfficeTeam.
U.S. Defense Department Creates Program To Tap Silicon Valley TalentFrom drones to artificial intelligence, commercial technology is racing ahead of what the U.S. military has to offer. Now the Pentagon is turning to Silicon Valley for help. Len Ramirez reports. (11-9-17)

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