(Warning: Contains footage of living human hearts) For those whose lives depend on getting a heart transplant, the wait can be agonizing. But amazing new technology could mean new hope. John Ramos reports. (9/23/20)

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Heart Transplant Breakthrough: New Machine Could Mean New Hope For Patients(Warning: Contains footage of living human hearts) For those whose lives depend on getting a heart transplant, the wait can be agonizing. But amazing new technology could mean new hope. John Ramos reports. (9/23/20)
Tesla Unveils Electric Vehicle Battery Breakthroughs; Investors Fear Long Wait To AdoptTesla is working on new battery technology that CEO Elon Musk says will enable the company within the next three years to make sleeker, more affordable cars that can travel dramatically longer distances on a single charge. (9/22/20)
Shutterfly, Google Photos Sees Surge In Usage During COVID-19 PandemicPhoto storage services Shutterfly and Google Photos are seeing a surge in usage during the COVID-19 pandemic, as photographers look to document once-in-a-lifetime scenes. (9/21/20)
Monterey Bay Scientists Use Advanced Imaging to Track Creature Vital to EnvironmentNew technology is giving scientists exploring Monterey Bay a rare look at the tiny sea creature that plays a vital role in keeping carbon out of earth's atmosphere. Len Kiese reports. (9-10-20)
How San Mateo Co. Registrar Is Protecting Votes From Hackers, CyberattacksElection 2020 is weeks away and voters will soon begin casting their mail-in ballots. The San Mateo County Registrar of Voters talked to KPIX 5's Devin Fehely about how they are preparing to to defend the election from hackers and cyberattacks.
UCSF Developing Device That Allows Human Brains to Control MachinesIt might seem like the stuff of science fiction but recently-created advances in technology now allow humans to directly control a device by simply thinking about it. Elizabeth Cook reports. (9-7-20)
Inventor of N95 Mask Comes Out of Retirement to Fight CoronavirusThe scientist who invented the N-95 mask has come out of retirement to help fight the coronavirus. Michael George reports. (9-4-20)
Bay Area Community Divided Over Safety Of Wireless 4G, 5G Cell TowersWireless carriers are aggressively expanding their 5G networks. But there are still no studies about how safe the technology is. Len Kiese reports, it’s an issue that has divided communities across the Bay Area.
SCU Lightning Complex Fire Spares Historic Lick Observatory On Mt. HamiltonThanks to quick-thinking team work, the historic Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton was spared by wildfires. Len Ramirez shows us how close the flames came.
Oakland-Based Nonprofit Helping Bridge Digital Divide In Native American Tribal LandsIt's estimated almost half of Americans living in rural areas don't have access to broadband. The numbers are even worse for those living on Native American tribal lands. Sharon Chin reports. (8/19/20)
Bay Area Biotech Company Takes New Approach in COVID-19 TreatmentA South San Francisco biotech firm has come up with a way to make a COVID-19 therapy without relying on repeat antibody donors using a new class of drugs called "recombinant hyperimmunes." Ken Bastida reports. (8-10-20)
Gov. Newsom Addresses State's COVID-19 Data GlitchOn Monday, Gov. Newsom spoke about the state’s response to the pandemic for the first time in seven days after a week that found California health officials grappling with COVID-19 data issues. Andria Borba reports. (8-10-20)
Jefferson Awards: Bay Area College Student Making 3-D Face Shields In His GarageA Bay Area college student who saw an urgent need during the pandemic has created a solution in his garage. Sharon Chin introduces us to this weeks Jefferson Awards winner, Brenden Pragasam.
California Undercounting Coronavirus Cases Due To Technical ProblemCalifornia is undercounting coronavirus cases due to a technical problem. Betty Yu tells us how that could affect plans to reopen.
Public, Private Group Alliance Gives San Rafael Neighborhood Free WiFiEmily Turner reports on how groups banded together to bring WiFi to San Rafael's Canal district. (8-4-20)
As Telemedicine Grows, Problems FollowThe pandemic has led to a significant increase in video visits between patients and their doctors but we're now learning the shift has cut off many seniors, rather than connecting them. Ken Bastida reports. (8-3-20)
Feds Charge 3 In Massive July Twitter Hacker Attack; Biden, Obama, Bezos Accounts TargetedThree individuals including a juvenile were charged Friday with masterminding a Twitter hacking attack that compromised accounts belonging to VIPs ranging from former President Barack Obama and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to billionaire businessmen Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Video from U.S. Attorney for Northern District of California David Anderson.
CEOs Of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google Face Tough Questions In House Judiciary Antitrust ProbeFour CEOs of the biggest and most influential tech companies took the hot seat Wednesday, testifying to lawmakers during a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on antitrust issues. Len Ramirez reports. (7/29/20)
Tech CEOs In The Hot Seat During House Judiciary Antitrust ProbeThe CEOs of Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon will testify before the House Judiciary Committee Antitrust probe on Wednesday. Maria Medina reports on what to expect.
Steve Wozniak Lawsuit Accuses YouTube Of Ignoring Cryptocurrency Scam While Collecting Ad RevenueFor months before a scam co-opting the accounts of several famous people on Twitter was revealed and quickly quashed last week, a similar scheme was being perpetrated on YouTube using images of Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, Tesla founder Elon Musk and others, according to a lawsuit filed this week. Anne Makovec reports. (7/23/20)
Comet Neowise Appears In Bay Area Skies.A newly-discovered comet will be visible over the Bay Area, just after sunset. It's called Comet NEOWISE, and was found on March 27 by astronomers using a giant space telescope of the same name.
SF AIDS Conference Ends With Focus on COVID-19The world's largest AIDS conference ended Friday by focusing entirely on fighting COVID-19. Experts including Dr. Anthony Fauci gathered online to discuss the latest in vaccines, research and the need for masks. (7-10-20)
‘Words Matter’ – Twitter Removing ‘Master,’ ‘Slave’ And ‘Blacklist’ From CodeFollowing a push from software engineers at Twitter, the social media platform will remove terms such as "master" and "slave" from its computer code to more inclusive language. Anne Makovec reports. (7/3/20)
Developers Launching Apps For Contact Tracing To Control Spread Of COVID-19With coronavirus infections on the rise again, contact tracing is even more critical to control the spread of the virus. A growing number of new apps are designed to do just that. Allen Martin looked a few of them.

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