Testimony Friday focused on what Elizabeth Holmes knew about her company's faulty blood-test technology and how she went ahead with plans to launch the product anyway. Len Ramirez reports. (9-24-21)

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Theranos Lab Director Testimony Ends Week 3 of Holmes Fraud TrialTestimony Friday focused on what Elizabeth Holmes knew about her company's faulty blood-test technology and how she went ahead with plans to launch the product anyway. Len Ramirez reports. (9-24-21)
State-of-the-Art Water Purification Plant Helps Silicon Valley Battle DroughtThe Santa Clara Valley facility uses advanced technologies to purify treated waste water using microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light to treat 8 million gallons a day. Kiet Do reports. (9-23-21)
TripSavvy's Molly Fergus Shares Travel TipsTripSavvy VP and General Manager Molly Fergus shares travel tips with Bay Area Focus host Len Kiese and shows you how to 'vacation like a pro.' For more, visit tripsavvy.com.
Lifestyle Expert David Viggiano Shares The Hottest Products From The Inspired Home ShowInternational Housewares Association spokesperson and lifestyle expert David Viggiano shares fun, practical and environmentally friendly products for the home with Bay Area Focus host Len Kiese. For more, visit theinspiredhomeshow.com.
Salesforce's Annual Tech Conference Could Bring Much-Needed Boost To SF's EconomyOn Tuesday, Salesforce will launch its annual 'Dreamforce,' a 3-day tech conference. Betty Yu reports the event could bring a much-needed boost to SF's tourism industry.
Theranos Trial: Former Employees TestifyElizabeth Holmes returned to court for Day 4 of her trial facing charges of fraud and conspiracy. Len Ramirez reports. (9-17-21)
KPIX Original Report: Next 911 Could Be A Cyberattack On Vulnerable GPS SystemsAs the nation marks the 20th anniversary of the 911 terror attack on U.S. soil, Juliette Goodrich tells of another growing security threat leaving us vulnerable to catastrophe.
Private Texts Could Prove Turning Point in Theranos Fraud TrialNewly-released text messages in the Theranos fraud trial could shed light on the relationship between founder Elizabeth Holmes and her business partner and ex-boyfriend. Len Ramirez reports. (9-10-21)
Homeowners In Wildfire Prone Areas Using Drones, 3-D Technology To SurviveThousands of Californians have lost their homes in recent fires. John Ramos shows us a company that's using drones and 3-D technology to keep them safe from wildfires.
Silicon Chip Shortage Throttles Car Sales on Labor DayFor car dealerships, it has been a Labor Day like no other as a worldwide computer chip shortage has decimated supply. John Ramos reports. (9-6-21)
Sonoma County Inventors Set Record For Solar-Power LocomotivesIn a history making trip, a pair of Sonoma County inventors set a new land speed record for locomotives powered by the sun, with plans of being the fastest solar powered vehicle in a future attempt. John Ramos reports. (8/24/21)
Tesla Elon Musk Unveils Plan to Build Humanoid RobotsTesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company plans to build a humanoid robot called "Tesla Bot" which will be aimed at doing “repetitive and boring tasks.” Kiet Do reports. (8-20-21)
Researchers at Stanford Use Tech to Boost Human Athletic PerformanceStanford scientists are using technology to unlock the secrets of human performance and overcome the body's weaknesses. Kiet Do reports. (7-29-21)
California EDD Adopts New 'Pay-Now' Policy to Break Claims LogjamThe Employment Development Dept. claims payment process launched during the pandemic as a system to cut down on fraud but it soon left hundreds of thousands frozen out. Now the EDD is changing its payment policy. Devin Fehely reports. (7-23-21)
Bay Area Space Fans Giddy With Excitement Over Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin LaunchBay Area skywatchers watched excitedly billionaire Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin space launch on Tuesday. Kit Do caught up with some of them at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland.
UCSF Researchers Help Paralyzed Man Translate Thoughts to TextUCSF neuro scientists announced a major advance in helping a paralyzed man convert brain waves to speech text. Elizabeth Cook reports. (7-15-21)
COVID: Pandemic Microchip Shortage Ripples Into A Shortage Of Auto PartsBay Area drivers better hope their cars don't break down. Wilson Walker reports on the COVID-era microchip shortage that could leave you without wheels.
COVID Reopening: Google Workers Return To The OfficeHundreds of Bay Area Google employees headed back to work on Monday, two months ahead of the company’s full reopening. Some workers told Kiet Do talked they now seek a better work/life balance.
Richard Branson Soars to Space Aboard Virgin Galactic Rocket PlaneOn Sunday, British billionaire Richard Branson and a crew of five others soared into space onboard a Virgin Galactic rocket plane. Devin Fehely reports. (7-11-21)
Sierra Earthquake Damage Serves as Reminder That 'Big One' Is Due in Bay AreaThe magnitude-6 earthquake that shook the eastern Sierra Thursday was, despite significant damage, still barely a "moderate" temblor. The quake that's overdue on the Hayward Fault is likely to be hundreds of times more powerful. Brian Hackney reports. (7-9-21)
Magnitude 6 Earthquake, Numerous Aftershocks Strike Eastern SierraTeam coverage of the eastern Sierra Nevada earthquakes from Katie Nielsen, Ken Bastida, Juliette Goodrich and Paul Heggen. (7-8-21)
Moderate Quake, Aftershocks Strike Eastern Sierra NevadaA magnitude 5.9 earthquake that struck the Eastern Sierra Thursday afternoon was felt across Northern California, including much of the Bay Area. Team coverage from Paul Heggen, Allen Martin and Juliette Goodrich. (7-8-21)
Not a Bird, Not a Plane – U.S. Gov't Admits It Doesn't Know What UFOs AreA long-awaited official government report on unidentified aerial phenomena was released on Friday and they say they have no explanation for scores of sightings. The conclusion? Inconclusive. Juliette Goodrich reports. (6-25-21)
East Bay Startup Tackles Housing Crunch With 3-D Printing TechnologyMighty Buildings of Oakland has created seven 3D-printed ADUs (accessory dwelling units) that are already out in the community. Susie Steimle reports. (6-24-21)

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