Stem Cells From Wisdom Teeth Could Help Paralyzed Man Walk AgainNo one enjoys a trip to the dentist but, for some, it just might be a key to unlocking the healing power of the human body. John Ramos reports. (11-15-19)
Surgeons Test New Wearable Tech to Improve Operating SkillsA Stanford scientist and her team are using smart, wearable technology to help physicians improve the art of surgery. Juliette Goodrich reports. (11-14-19)
VP Mike Pence Touts Moon Mission in Visit to NASA Ames in Mountain ViewDuring a fund-raising swing through California, Vice President Mike Pence came to the Bay Area to help re-launch America’s space plans. Len Ramirez reports. (11-14-19)
Google Reportedly Collecting Health Data On Millions Of AmericansA report in the Wall Street Journal says Google has gathered health data on millions of Americans without their knowledge. (11/12/19)
Goldman Sachs Under Investigation Over Gender Discrimination Claims Involving Apple CardAn investigation has been launched into Goldman Sachs and its administration of Apple's new credit card after company co-founder Steve Wozniak and others said they were given much higher credit limits than their wives despite similar financial profiles. (11/11/19)
Family Of Man Killed In Orinda Halloween Party Shooting To Sue AirbnbThe family of 23-year-old Raymon Hill Jr., one of five people who died in a shooting at a Halloween party at an Airbnb house in Orinda, is suing the short-term rental giant. Jackie Ward reports. (11/8/19)
Airbnb To Make Critical Changes After Deadly Orinda Halloween ShootingThe aftermath of a deadly Halloween party shooting in Orinda is now impacting the way Airbnb does business. The company hopes the changes it's making will protect both the host and the renters in the future. Andrea Nakano reports. (11-6-2019)
Zuckerberg Hosts 'No Holds Barred' Dinner With Civil Rights Leaders At Palo Alto HomeFacebook's CEO hosted a delegation of civil rights leaders at his Palo Alto property. Attendees agreed not to discuss specifics of the meeting. One advocate brought up anti-Muslim hate speech on the platform to Zuckerberg. Kiet Do reports. (11-5-2019)
Apple Announces $2.5 Billion Plan To Help Calkfornia's Housing CrisisApple announced on Monday it will spend $2.5 billion to help with the state's housing crisis. Kiet Do reports from San Jose, where one projects backed by Apple, could go up.
AirBnB Bans Party Houses In Wake Of Halloween Party Shooting In OrindaNew video shows the chaotic moments after shots were fired at a Halloween party at an AirBnB house in Orinda. Da Lin tells us about the company's plan to ban party houses.
Network of 300 Remote Cameras Marshalled to Spot Wildfires as They Break OutKPIX 5's Mark Sayre gets a look at the Alert Wildfire Program which employs hundreds of mountain-top cameras to locate wildland fires as soon as they break out. (11-1-19)
Advances in Creating Capillaries Bring 3-D Bio Printing of Organs Closer to RealityOrgan donation for patients who need transplants saves lives but there are simply not enough donors. That worldwide shortage of organ donors is leading scientists to look toward other options. Juliette Goodrich reports. (10-31-19)
Repeated Power Shutoffs Spur Homeowners to Install Backup BatteriesIn the wake of the recent PG&E outages more people are looking for ways to keep their homes running when the power is shut off. Kiet Do reports. (10-31-19)
Tesla Posts Quarterly Profit, Surprising Wall Street And Thrilling InvestorsTesla posted an unexpected profit, surprising Wall Street and thrilling investors and its customer base. Shares jumped over 17% on Thursday, a day after the earnings report. Len Ramirez reports. (10-24-2019)
Zuckerberg Grilled By Lawmakers While Defending Libra Cryptocurrency PlanFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was trying to get the blessing of House lawmakers Wednesday before rolling out the Libra currency in 2020. While they had him in the hot seat, lawmakers grilled and lectured him about other issues. Kiet Do reports. (10-23-2019)
Actor Will Smith Talks About His New Hi-Tech Action Movie 'Gemini Man'Will Smith was in San Francisco at a reception for his new movie, 'Gemini Man,' hosted by Tech Crunch. The actor slayed hearts when he posed with the young ladies of Black Girls Code, and later talked to BR's Betty Yu about the creation of his 22-year old computer-generated co-star -- himself.
New App Lets Users Track Jet Noise Near SFOThe new Aircraft Noise Tracker, available to the public, gives users a near-real-time look at flight tracks and noise levels around the airport. Andria Borba reports. (10-17-19)
Quake Alert System Unveiled On 30th Anniversary Of Loma PrietaThursday marks 30 years since the massive Loma Prieta Earthquake struck the Bay Area and killed 67 people and caused major devastation in the region. Coinciding with the anniversary, the USGS is set to release its own quake warning system app. KPIX 5 reporter Jackie Ward talks to Robert DeGroot of the USGS about the app. (10/17/19)
New App Gives Advanced Earthquake Warnings To Bay Area UsersAfter earthquakes rocked the Bay Area this week, a new app offering advance warning is arriving right on time. The My ShakeAlert system is coming to the Bay Area on Thursday. Emily Turner reports. (10-16-2019)
Scooter Companies Set To Expand In San FranciscoAfter being banned from San Francisco streets last year, several scooter companies are set to deploy 2,500 scooters over the next few months. KPIX 5 reporter Jackie Ward talks to Lime general manager EV Ellington about the company's plans. (10/15/19)
#DeleteFacebook Trends After Report Says Zuckerberg Secretly Dined With ConservativesThe hashtag #DeleteFacebook was trending on Twitter after reports surfaced that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was holding secret dinner meetings at his home over the summer with conservative figures. Maria Medina reports. (10-14-2019)
Groundbreaking Technology Used in New Will Smith Film 'Gemini Man'A new Will Smith movie coming to theaters Friday night uses groundbreaking technology to turn the actor into a younger digital version of himself. Betty Yu reports. (10-11-19)
First-Ever 'Built By Girls' Summit Takes On San FranciscoBuilt By Girls is a community that helps young women step boldly into their careers with the help of female mentors and advisers.
High School Students Create Nonprofit To Get Other Teens Into Computer ScienceWorking out of a family garage, two teenaged friends are making it possible for thousands of students to get real-world experience in computer science. Sharon Chin reports. (10-9-2019)

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