There's new evidence about the possibility that COVID-19 can spread through particles in the air. Don Ford looks at whether air filters could be used to keep people safe from the virus. (7/7/20)

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Naked At The GymEvery gym has their daily nudist, the guy or gal who struts around the locker room all out for the world to see! But how do YOU feel about getting naked after a workout? Many find no issue in carrying on full conversations while changing or just lounging around. The stats are in and 33% of people are totally fine expressing their nudity at the gym, with men being twice as likely as women to bare it all. Do you have a naked locker room story, and does it match up to Uzette's epic experience?
Couples Don't Care About Valentine's Day!As Valentine's Day approaches and stores fill with oversized stuffed animals, flowers, and heart-shaped balloons, many couples have lost interest in this annual occasion. Recent surveys show the average person will spend just $34 on V-Day and more than half of adults completely refuse to participate in any type of celebration or gift giving. Kids, on the other hand, have always enjoyed exchanging notes and candies with their school crush, a tradition still carried on today. Another harsh note about Valentine's Day: Couples are more likely to get divorced (by 37%) when their wedding falls on this ultimate "Hallmark Holiday". Tell us your Valentine's Day plans, or lack thereof, on Twitter @AliceRadio!
Michelle Wolf visits Sarah and Vinnie!Comedian Michelle Wolf visits Sarah & Vinnie to promote her 5 (nearly) SOLD OUT shows at Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco! Michelle is most known by the morning show as a writer and correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, but the young comedian has held stints along side Seth Myers and constantly performs stand-up in New York and around the world. Sarah tried her best not to fan-girl and we get a glimpse into the busy life of a woman who continues to work late nights, write with Chris Rock, and walk bare foot during award shows. Check out Michelle Wolf's most recent HBO comedy special, "Nice Lady", available now!
First Date FlatulenceAsking someone out on a date takes lots of confidence, but farting on that first date takes even more! According to a recent study, 10% of men will loudly release their flatulence on a first date, while 20% would use the bathroom with the door open after just a few meetings. Tell us your first date horror stories!
America's Most Hated2017 culminated as the year of calling out problematic behavior where consumers showed their spending power and loyalty (or lack thereof) to certain products. The year began with huge stories about United Airlines, Uber, and Facebook with very politically charged issues and varying levels of love/hate relationships with President Trump. In the past 6 months, there has also been a budding movement to stem sexual harassment in Hollywood, which has taken on entities like ViceMedia and most notably, The Weinstein Company. However, money seems to be America's biggest gripe as Wells Fargo, University of Phoenix, and Equifax top the list as America's Most Hated companies! Which businesses do you hate and why? Let us know!
Millennials Can't Get Anything Right!Millennials are undoubtedly the most ridiculed generation, even in the wake of "Tide Pod Challenges". Every other week, studies conclude that today's youth are 'lazy', 'self-indulgent', 'dependent', and overall not that good at life; and this week a recent survey hopes to continue the millennial onslaught. Apparently, sewing on buttons, fixing blown fuses, and cooking meals from scratch are not in the wheelhouse of most born between 1981 and 1997. If you're a millennial, let us know your range of life skills!
Love Notes For Your Disgusting HabitsLive-in lovers have their quirks getting used to sharing space with another human. One couple began using "love" notes to release their grievances. The next time your girlfriend forgets to flush the toilet, leave a note for her! If your boyfriend uses your deodorant, tell him to shave his armpits in a lengthy note. Are there any issues you've had with a new romantic roommate?
Slow and Furious Drivers!Our Sarah is known for driving below the speed limit. It often allows for a calm commute, is more efficient and should be a lot safer. However, a new study finds that driving too slowly can put drivers at a higher risk of getting into an accident! Amazingly, police can also pull over drivers who suspiciously plod along the road. With marijuana legalization, it is important to never indulge before driving because it greatly obstructs reaction time and could cause a few bad decisions. One driver put his car into Auto-Pilot after Jesus told him to "take the wheel"!
Holding Hands is Helpful and Healthy!Holding hands can scientifically reduce the effects of pain--especially during childbirth! A recent Colorado University study found that an empathetic partner's heart rate and respiration naturally sync up with their pained companion, which increases with a subtle touch. The survey looked at 23 heterosexual couples, using heat as the painful stimulus, and women reported less pain when their partners were in the room holding their hands. Has a touch ever helped when suffering any level of pain?
Slideshow Parties!Partying has reached an entire new level of rage with mandatory Powerpoint presentations! Invented at the University of Waterloo in 2012, the event is called “Drink Talk Learn (DTL)”, and has been hosted in Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, Edmonton, and New York. Each party-goer must prepare a 3 minute lecture on something passionate; like sports, a new show, your crush, a novel, or anything interesting. What would your slideshow entail?
A Gaseous WorkoutWomen have finally figured out a (nearly) fool proof method of ignoring men. In gyms around the country, women are often gawked, stalked, and made to feel uncomfortable--until now. Simply, pass gas. A few ladies figured out by even acting like they recently farted has been enough to keep unwanted men at bay. Tell us how you stay focused while working out!
For The Love Of FootballThe big game is less than a month away and football fans around the country are hoping for a miracle! According to a recent study, superstition plays a huge factor for super fans--they will their team to victory. Other effects include Pre-game rituals, crowd cheering, face/body paint, and home field advantage. Fanatics will also sacrifice a trip to Tahiti or cut off a hand just for a chance to see their favorite team in the championship!
Build A Sex Buddy!Create your own sex robot for just $15,000! Every detail is at your desire, including hair color, body type, tool size and more. These aren't your usual lifeless dolls, they use Artificial Intelligence to communicate and learn about their partner. No worries ladies, Male Sex Robots are also available for your home life!
Tips & Tricks to Get Pregnant in 2018How you get it on may determine the probability of a new pregnancy! Many women are having children later in life, and that often comes with its share of complications. Thanks to a recent report: wearing socks, eating dark chocolate, having green bed sheets, and piercing the left side of your nose may all help to increase fertility! Have you ever tried any of these wacky ideas?!
Baby-Sitter Blues!Teenagers around the world often get at least one shot at baby sitting. Whether they're asked to watch over a sibling, cousin or younger neighbor, teens can't wait for a night on their own and cash in the morning! Many even find ways to take advantage of their newfound freedom. The Sarah & Vinnie crew tell their most scandalous babysitting stories and we hear about a 10-year old who was almost framed by his 16-year old guardian. Have you ever had an interesting experience as a baby-sitter or while being watched? Let us know in the comments!
Let's Live To 90!An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a positive attitude will get you to 90! This recent study counts down the top 5 traits of people who have seen the mountain top of old age. Work ethic, stubbornness, and religion all make the list but being optimistic was the common denominator amongst those surveyed. How do you plan on living life to the fullest--and longest?
May The Force Be Within YouAn adult store has released a line of Star Wars themed sex toys for fans to embrace their dark side before 'The Last Jedi' arrives in theaters next week. The store currently sells 11 iconic characters and props, including a Dark Side Bondage Kit, a Space Station Ball Gag, and a Darth Vibrator. Become a master of your light saber and enjoy the force, or gift to someone special this holiday season!
Holiday Parties and Workplace HugsEmployers and employees alike are being overly cautious in the wake of Hollywood's biggest scandals! More than half of jobs will not serve alcohol at their holiday parties this year and many men are now fearful of hugging women in the workplace. Have current events changed how you interact with coworkers? Let us know!
Silly Street Names: Funny Butt CostlyBoner Drive and Butt Street are silly enough to make most adults chuckle like immature children. Hilarious street names like One Hoe Lane, while funny, may cost homebuyers thousands in property value. According to a recent study, housing prices on streets with silly names are significantly lower than houses on nearby streets with more normally-named roads. Tell us the funniest or weirdest street names in your neighborhood!
Flies! How Many OF Us Have Them?We all agree that flies are gross! They come from garbage, live in filth, and wander into your house--flies are a breeding ground for disease. Many scientist believe food should be thrown away after a fly has landed on it because these disgusting little insects can carry various bacteria and other harmful substances from place to place. What are your home remedies to keep flies away!?
Thankful For Many Thanksgiving DinnersIt's the most delicious time of the year! Friends and Family across the country prepare giant meals and offer thanks for everything in their lives, but most will spend the Thanksgiving house hopping from dinner to dinner. The crew tells us their holiday plans, a few a cooking while others love the idea of Friendsgiving! No matter your choice, be sure to eat your weight in thankfulness.
Jonny Moseley On Sarah And VinnieJonny Moseley joins the show to talk about Warren Miller's 'Line of Descent', Cowboy Academy, and the Winter Olympics!
Emoji MadnessTexting has turned into modern day hieroglyphics since the invention of emojis! More and more users are skipping words altogether to now communicate through pictures. Early favorites were the smiley face, frown, and mouth-wide surprise! In 2017, emojis have taken an entirely new form and these are top 10, according to Apple.
Weird Things That Everyone Does!We're not so different, and many of us have very similar quirks! More than 80% of people will hold off eating a meal until they're able to find a good show and a few adults still eat their own boogers! What are some weird things that you do on the regular!?

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