Ice Cream You Scream!Vinnie shares some stats about Americans obsession with ice cream. (08/11/2015)
Henry Cavill's Man of SteelSarah & Vinnie discuss, very carefully, Henry Cavill's excitement during filming of a sex scene. (08/10/2015)
Arj Barker Part TwoArj Barker talked with Sarah & Vinnie about his dog and playing video games with his girl. (08/07/2015)
Arj Barker Living in AustraliaArj Barker caught up with Sarah & Vinnie and discussed living in Australia with his girlfriend. (08/07/2015)
LizardsKathy feeds the wild lizards running around outside and Uzette shares memories of lizards from her childhood. (08/05/2015)
An Ugly DivorceVinnie tells about a woman who is divorcing her husband because he's too ugly! (08/04/2015)
Is A Lap Dance Cheating?Sarah & Vinnie answer a listener's text on whether or not they consider a lap dance cheating? (07/30/2015)
Parents Bribe Their ChildrenVinnie reports that parents bribe their kids for everything from potty-training to getting good grades. (07/28/2015)
Vinnie Performs Brooke Hogan's PoemBrooke Hogan wrote a poem in defense of her father, Hulk Hogan, and his racists comments. Vinnie gifted us with a performance of the poem. (07/27/2015)
K.O. Movie Review: "Paper Towns"The K.O. Movie team of Hooman Khalili & Marcus Osborne review "Paper Towns" starring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne, based on the book by John Green. (07/23/2015)
K.O. Movie Review: "Southpaw"The K.O. Movie team of Hooman Khalili & Marcus Osborne review "Southpaw" starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, and Forest Whitaker. (07/23/2015)
Vinnie Watched "Cars"Vinnie finally watched Pixar's "Cars" and was stoked to hear his radio family in the movie! (07/22/2015)
Man Area NicknamesVinnie has a list of the top nicknames for a man's area. (07/21/2015)
Isla And Her DressesSarah & Vinnie are back from vacation…and Vinnie shares an update on his daughter, Isla, and her love of dresses and costume changes! (07/20/2015)
Tom Green Visits Sarah & VinnieTom Green stopped by Sarah & Vinnie to talk about his new show, doing stand-up, and his wonderful parents.
Marry, Bleep, KillFind out who Sarah would marry, bleep, and kill between Hal Sparks and Greg Proops? (05/12/2015)
Greg Proops Wrote A BookGreg Proops talks about the readings he's been doing for "The Smartest Book in the World," receives the highest compliment from Sarah, and the people that inspired him to write his book. ()5/21/2015)
A Child's Break-Up TextVinnie reads an adorable break-up text message from an 11-year-old girl to her boyfriend. (07/02/2015)
Handsome GorillaWomen are going ape *bleep* over a handsome gorilla in a Japan zoo. (07/01/2015)
Chicken FeetChicken feet are delicious...according to Bryn. (06/30/2015)
Gavin Newsom On SCOTUS Gay Marriage RulingLt. Governor Gavin Newsom talked to Sarah & Vinnie over the phone on SCOTUS' ruling on Gay Marriage. (06/26/2015)
Couples And Secret DebtVinnie reports that one in five couples have secret debt that they're keeping from their partners. (06/25/2015)
Summerthing Memories: Vinnie In A SpeedoTake a walk down memory lane to Vinnie in a speedo at Summerthing 2009.
A Hypothetical QuestionEveryone has a different take on a hypothetical question from yesterday's Secret Show. (06/45/2015)

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