A Toast To Something Special!As if we need a reason, people love to drink! Alcoholic spirits are often used to celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, divorces, or just end of a long work week. Let us know your favorite occasions to pop a bottle or hit the bar!
Strawberry Pizza on a First Date!?If Pineapple Pizza works, why not Strawberry? A new trend has popped up across the internet where pizza lovers are putting more fruit on their favorite dish! What's your goto topping--and totally unrelated, how far would you go on a first date?
Going Dutch is a Major Turn On in 2017Why pay for a date when you get more by going Dutch? In 2017, women are turned off when men pay on a first date. Usually whomever offers the invitation is expected to pay, but that may change as more women choose to flex their independence. Be cautious before your next date and don't forget your wallet!
Halloween Candies and a Nutritional Fact!Choose your candies wisely this year! Trick or Treaters are looking for more fruit-flavored and sour options than the classic chocolate bar. Peanut Butter cups are no longer the Halloween staple for younger generations. Kids today are more interested in colorful candies! What is your all-time favorite Halloween treat?
Renter's RemorseWe all loathe the loud and sexually experimental couple upstairs, high rental rates, and cramped spaces, but there's more! These are the top 10 regrets that renters have about their past or current apartments. Do you have bad neighbors, safety scares, or any other rent-related horror stories?
Fast Facts about Friday The 13thSuperstition runs wild every Friday the 13th! Have you ever had a bad experience on this day or has your luck yet to get tested? In the month of goblins and ghouls, Friday the 13th should bring out the Halloween spirit!
Carlos Santana On Sarah And VinnieThe legendary Carlos Santana joined Sarah and Vinnie to talk about his influences, life, spirituality, and his film "Dolores."
'Patti Cake$' Movie ReviewHooman and special guest Ruby Ortiz review "Patti Cake$" a drama about a white female rapper Patricia Dombrowski, aka Patti Cake$. Patty goes against haters but her unique crew helps her on the journey of becoming a rapper! Watch and see how many Persian carpets and piñatas the movie gets, and let us know if you will go watch it.
Flame Retardant Chemicals Linked To Lower IQs In KidsFlame retardants in sofas and many other consumer products can harm children's intelligence, according to a recent study. Melissa Caen reports. (8-4-17)
Vinnie Calls In From DisneylandVinnie chats about his trip to Disneyland and more!
Greg Proops On Sarah And VinnieComedian Greg Proops stopped by the station to talk with Sarah and Vinnie. He is performing July 20 - 22 at the Punch Line San Francisco.
Eddie Ifft On Sarah And Vinnie (Part 2)Part two of comedian Eddie Ifft on the show with Sarah and Vinnie.
Eddie Ifft On Sarah And Vinnie (Part 1)Part one of comedian Eddie Ifft and friend of the show on Sarah and Vinnie.
Tai Trang Joins Sarah And VinnieSurvivor alumni and Bay Area resident Tai Trang joined Sarah and Vinnie to talk about his experiences on two casts of Survivor.
'I Need Meat, Everyday!' - Uzette's Music VideoWatch Uzette's "I Need Meat, Everyday" Music Video from the Sarah & Vinnie Show on Alice@97.3 in San Francisco. (Originally aired 12/12/2013)
'I Need Meat, Everyday!': The Gag ReelCheck out the outtakes and unintentional gags from Uzette's "I Need Meat, Everyday!" Music Video on Sarah & Vinnie on Alice@97.3 in San Francisco. (Originally aired 12/12/2013)
The Running Mates On Sarah And VinnieDuo The Running Mates joined Sarah and Vinnie in the studio before their performance tonight at Bottom Of The Hill with Picture Atlantic. To add the experience ... Julie Lavery is Sarah's niece!
H.B. Movie Review "Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent""The Last Magnificent" follows Jeremiah Tower, the pioneer of celebrity chefs. Tower rose to prominence in California cuisine in the 1970s and went on to become one of America's most influential chefs before disappearing from the public eye. "Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent" stars Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, Martha Stewart; Directed by Lydia Tenaglia.
The Bases Of LoveThe Bases! What do they mean to you? Most teens are well aware of the process it takes to go all the way; at least the beginning and finish line. First Base has always been kissing and a Home Run always includes full copulation, but what about 2nd and 3rd? Tell us your bases and how long it should take to get to each one!
$5 Million Dare!Would you have all of your teeth removed for $5 million? How about eating a live roach or being forced to play country music 24/7, 365!? Tell us what you're willing to do for $5 million and if any of these dares are completely out of the question!
Almost Engaged and Confused"Why hasn't he proposed yet?!" is what many women would love to know! Yes, you're still beautiful. Yes, he likes you--and may even be totally in love. However, there are a few factors that these 'legally single' men have to think about. Money comes to mind, a special moment, the fear of hearing "no" and much more! When did you know it was time to pop the big question? Tell us your proposal stories!
Comedian Paul Mecurio Visits Sarah And VinnieComedian Paul Mecurio stopped by the Alice studios to talk with Sarah and Vinnie. Paul is at The Punch Line in San Francisco, March 30th - April 1st.
Scott Capurro On Sarah And VinnieFriend of the show comedian Scott Capurro joined Sarah and Vinnie in the studio. Scott has multiple dates around the Bay Area, check out http://events.radioalice.cbslocal.com.
Sleep vs SexIt's a simple question: Would you prefer awesome sleep or mind-blowing sex? We all deal with this scenario every night. Let us know your choice and why!

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