Which Foods Rule Your Thanksgiving Table?What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods? Tell us about your family traditions, "Friendsgiving" stories, or the most interesting Turkey Day dinners you can think of!
Sarah And Vinnie Show Mannequin ChallengeSarah, Vinnie, Uzette and the rest of the show do the mannequin challenge.
What Would You Tell Your Teenage Self?If time travel became possible and you could communicate with yourself as a teenager, what would you say? Would you tell yourself to breakup with a high school fling? How about the future of this new company called Apple or Microsoft? On the contrary, would you rather not tell your young self anything and allow life to go as planned? Let us know on the Alice 97 Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/radioalice/
Scott Capurro Visits Sarah And VinnieComedian and friend of the show Scott Capurro stopped by the studio to chat with Sarah and Vinnie.
Interview: Jonny Moseley On Sarah And VinnieOlympic Gold medalist Jonny Moseley joined Sarah and Vinnie in the Alice studios to talk about Warren Miller Entertainment’s 67th film, "Here, There & Everywhere."
Halloween HookupWhat's more of a treat than some Halloween loving? A recent study looked into the most popular holidays to hookup, including Valentines Day and New Years Eve! Apparently, most people want and expect to get lucky on this night of tricks. Have you ever woken up on November 1st with a ghoul, vampire, Tinker Bell or sexy nurse by your side?
Les Miserable Dating!Birds of a feather date each other on this new app that matches miserable singles by bringing all of their baggage to the forefront. The app 'Date Miserable People' launched in Phoenix this week. Developed by Shaun Price, he created the site so people could engage in online dating while keeping it real and honest without feeling intimidated. What would your profile read and are you ready for the company of some miserable singles?
Special Bottle ServiceThis story takes self service to another level! A 50-year old man decided to pleasure himself with a bottle and got stuck. His extremities were trapped inside like a ship (in a bottle) for four full days! Eventually, the area turned black and had to be amputated by a doctor. What kind of bottle did he even use?!
Above Average In The BedroomAre there certain traits that let you know whether a lover will be satisfactory in the bedroom? According to this study, kissing, empathy, and many other non-sexual behaviors can serve as tests before getting down and dirty. What are some actions outside of the bedroom that give hints about your partner's sexual prowess?
What Do You Give Out On Halloween?!The day of costumes and candy is almost here! Children across the country will be walking through our neighborhoods in search of the best treats, but they can't all be winners. This is a list of the worst Halloween candies! Are there any treats we missed?
Cesar Millan 'The Dog Whisperer' With Sarah And VinnieThe Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan joined Sarah and Vinnie in studio today for an interview. Cesar is returning to television for a new show with his son Andre called 'Dog Nation' where the duo will do a road trip coast-to-coast.
Movie Review: 'The Girl on the Train'Based on a book by the same name, 'The Girl On The Train' follows commuter Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt), who finds the seemingly perfect couple, Scott and Megan, from the window of her train. After witnessing something shocking outside the strangers' home, she begins her own investigation, while police suspect that the girl on the train may have crossed a dangerous line. The movie stars Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, and Haley Bennett and is directed by Tate Taylor.
Wedding Band WoesImagine wearing a ring that is too tight for two full days! Now place that ring on an intimately sensitive area, not meant for this type of ring. An 18-year old recently underwent 90 minutes of surgery to remove a wedding band from around his male accessory. Fortunately, everything was saved but the question still remains, WHY?!
Higher LearningWe always hear how our teachers should be paid more, perhaps this story proves it. A high school science instructor asked his class for a plug in the local marijuana game and gave a student $4,000 to purchase the goods. Well, that kid ran off on his teacher and blew every penny of the drug money. Find out what happened next in Vinnie's Radio Alice Report.
Scrotox Surprise!The latest trend in Hollywood is ironing out man-wrinkles with botox for the scrotum, or Scrotox. The procedure makes for smooth eggs, decreases sweating, and gives the are an overall larger appearance. Are you too sensitive for Scrotox!?
Born This Way and Proud!A recent study by the University of San Francisco has found that 86% of men are completely satisfied with their personal extremities. Everything, including length, girth, circumcision and other factors were also a part of the survey. What do these findings tell you about the men in your life?
Weird Town NamesHave you ever driven through Ding Dong, Texas? How about Boring, Oregon? Vinnie reports the weirdest town names in America -- a lot of these places are downright hilarious! What are some awkward or funny town names you've seen around the country?
Guide Dogs for the Blind CEO, Christine BenningerSarah and Vinnie invite CEO of Guide Dogs for the Blind, Christine Benninger, into the Alice studios along with a furry friend! We learn the origins of GDFTB, what it takes to make a guide dog and who is eligible. For more for information on Guide Dogs for the Blind, please visit http://www.guidedogs.com/ .
A Mustang For Your BuckHorses trained by inmates in California are up for adoption! You can become the owner of a healthy steed for a decent price. How much would you be willing to pay for an 800lb Mustang?
Origins of Blowing SmokeA fast and possibly painful fact, Vinnie reveals origins of the popular phrase "blowing smoke up your butt". The term comes from old-age medicine where doctors would literally blow smoke into a patient's rear cavity. Good thing our medical system has evolved since then!
Seasons of Love and DivorceTis the season for possible changes in your relationship. According to the Radio Alice Report, couples are more likely to separate or divorce between holiday seasons. If you're still in love by tomorrow, you may be safe through New Years!
Liquid is the New Bar SoapMillennials today use far more liquid shower gel than old fashioned bar soap. Times sure have changed, but Bryn hips the morning crew to a new homemade soap that is available locally! Do you bathe with a bar or gel? Is that bar of soap square or rounded? And what scents work best for your daily routine?
Friendship is Port-a-Potty DeepHow far would you go to save a friend's phone? In Norway, a man named Cato climbed into a port-a-potty to retrieve a friend's lost phone! He volunteered to jump in but became sick as he stood thigh-deep in its well of excrement, and had to spend an hour completely enclosed in the small area. Despite Cato's heroic efforts, his friend's phone was not saved.
James Savage Swims to Alcatraz and Back!James Savage is credited as the youngest person to ever swim to and from Alcatraz. He is only 9-years old and now taking his talents to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus! Check out his interview to find out what James thinks about when swimming such long distances.

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