The Key to a Successful RelationshipWhat is the key to a successful relationship? Sarah and Vinnie will tell you, and give you some helpful advice for future relationships. (05.18.16)
The One, Along with The One That Got AwayHow do you know that you're with, the one? Vinnie's got your soulmate checklist to go over. Hooman also talks about the one that got away, it is quite the "Clip of the Day!" (05.16.16)
The Rat DoctorDo you ever have those moments were you just crave a soda? Well you better look at the bottle before twisting off the cap! Find out what the rat doctor has in store for you in this clip of the day. (05.11.16)
8 Sexiest Body Parts on a ManWhat are the sexiest body parts on a man? Sarah and Vinnie have the answers in this Clip of the Day! Do you agree or disagree? (05.09.16)
Michael Franti, Let's TalkSarah and Vinnie welcome back musician, Michael Franti, to the studio! In this, "Clip of the Day," he discusses, why he wrote his new song "Crazy For You," and watch as his wife Sarah talks about how it makes her feel. Love, at its finest! (05.04.16)
Michael Franti, in Studio!Sarah and Vinnie welcome back to the studio, musician Michael Franti! In this, "Clip of the Day," Franti discusses the new song,"Crazy For You" and what it's like to get critiqued. (05.04.16)
How Relationships Kill YouSarah and Vinnie explain how your relationship is killing you! It seems that food may be more of an issue than expected... (05.02.16)
Shower TimeHow many times a day do you shower? Sarah and Vinnie weigh in on the topic and reasons why someone would shower twice a day. (04.26.16)
Overrated Tourist TrapsIn this, "Clip of the Day," Vinnie reveals the most overrated tourist traps in America. Do you agree or disagree? (04.25.16)
My Dream HouseIn this "Clip of the Day," Sarah and Vinnie discuss their dream homes, as well as Sarah's craft room takeover, toilet bowls, and fake balconies. (04.22.16)
Did someone say, "Bacon?!"Let's talk bacon! In this, "Clip of the Day," Sarah and Vinnie talk about which state loves bacon the most and how to make bacon... sexy? How many of you are into the whole bacon craze? (04.20.16)
Wedding Talk with HoomanLet's talk weddings with Sarah and Vinnie's most eligible bachelor and future wedding planner, Hooman! Thinking about having a destination wedding? Hooman has some advice for you and your significant other. I would take his advice, he's been to enough to know what he's talking about. (04.06.16)
How Long Do You Hammer?A survey gets Sarah and Vinnie discussing how long the average couple, "hammers." How do your hammering skills rack up? Are you more of a Coldplay and a candle kind of person or a, "let's do this thing!" kinda gal? Find out in this, "Clip of the Day!" (04.05.16)
Stormtrooper Statue for FoolsAfter attending a Lucasfilm Trivia Night, Sarah and Hooman won a stormtrooper statue for the studio -- and Vinnie is pretty excited! What is the best April fools prank you've ever pulled on someone? 04.01.16
Relationship GhostingSarah and Vinnie discuss the percentage of people that get dumped, by ghosting. As well as their own ghosting experiences -- have you ever been ghosted before or plan on ghosting someone soon? (03.30.16)
Celebrity SextingWhat celebrity would you want to be sexted by? It is the ultimate question in today's, "Clip of the Day." So, who would you choose? 03.22.16
Pancake TalkIn spirit of national pancake day, Sarah and Vinnie talk food, by ranking pancakes, waffles, and french toast. What would you rank these three? 03.08.16
Sarah and Vinnie: Mean Texts Pt.1In spirit of all the mean texts, Sarah decided to add a new segment to the morning show, "Mean Texts." Don't forget to text us at 25423 and maybe, your mean text will get on the air! 03.02.16
The Passing Gas SurveyWhere do you think the most embarrassing place to pass gas is? In this, "Clip of the Day," Bryn has had many unfortunate farting encounters and a farting story that will only be told on the Secret Show -- oh, and the list of the most embarrassing places to fart is revealed. 02.29.16
It's Finally Here, The New Condom!It's finally here, a new condom that adds inches to your penis. How many men out there would use this? Be honest. Watch this, "Clip of the Day," to hear what Sarah and Vinnie have to say about it. 02.24.16
Kissing Couples SurveyHow many times do you and your significant other kiss during the day? In today's, "Clip of the Day," Sarah and Vinnie discuss their kissing habits, and Uzette talks about her husbands adorable morning ritual. 02.23.16
The Six Keys to HappinessWant to know how to improve your life in six steps? Sarah and Vinnie can tell you exactly how in this, "Clip of the Day," with the six keys to happiness.
California PornVinnie informs Sarah about the new porn regulations proposed in California -- and her reaction is priceless. Watch "the Looking Glass," to see Sarah and Vinnie live, weekdays, 5:30am to 10am!
What Men Really Want for Valentine's DayDon't know what to get your man for Valentine's day? Sarah and Vinnie have the answers! Here are the top ten trending things to get this Valentines day. (02.12.16)

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