Daddy VinnieVinnie talks about waking up next to his sick daughter in bed and Sarah reminisces on when her boys were younger. (02/03/2016)
Matt Nathanson and The Big GameMatt stops by to talk about his show at Super Bowl City and sports. (02/02/2016)
Men's LingerieSarah and Vinnie discuss a new line of men's lingerie that has come out. (02/01/2016)
The Best Pick-Up LinesMarcus (filling in for Vinnie today) tries out a list of the "best pick-up lines" according to Reddit. (01/29/2016)
Men and SelfiesVinnie reports that men are twice as likely to take selfies than women. (01/27/2016)
Favorite Comfort FoodsVinnie reports the results of a survey that names our favorite comfort foods. (01/26/2016)
Average Number of Sexual PartnersVinnie reads the results of a survey that reveals the average number of sexual partner for both men and women. (01/25/2016)
America's Greatest Rock BandThe Morning Show debated who they think is America's Greatest Rock Band. (01/20/2016)
Health FactsVinnie tests Sarah on her knowledge of health facts. (01/19/2016)
Netflix and ChillSarah and Vinnie find out what "Netflix and Chill" really means. (01/15/2016)
Regifted Engagement RingVinnie reports that a guy regifted an engagement ring and was attacked by his fiancee when she found out. (01/13/2016)
Losing 15 PoundsVinnie reads survey results of what people would be willing to do to lose 15 pounds instantly. (01/11/2016)
Gender Neutral BathroomsVinnie reports that San Francisco is looking into having single-stall gender neutral restrooms. (01/11/2016)
Sound Effects With Vinnie And BrynVinnie falls to the ground in a fit of laughter while he and Bryn were playing with sound effects. (01/08/2016)
The Joys Of MarriageSarah, Uzette, and Vinnie share the things their significant others do that irritate them. (01/05/2016)
Shopping With IslaVinnie talks briefly about his trip to Whole Foods with his 2-year-old daughter. (01/04/2016)
Sex At Your Parent's HouseVinnie reports on a survey that reveals how many people will bone at their parent's house over the holidays. (12/18/2015)
An Ode To Green DaySarah and Vinnie performed a musical tribute to Green Day! (12/15/2015)
Get Him!Everyone jumped on Bryn when he choked on the word fiancee! (12/14/2015)
Sarah's British AccentWhile reporting on an Ed Sheeran story, Sarah just couldn't seem to find her proper British accent. (12/11/2015)
Gifts Men Don't WantVinnie wants you to know the gifts men don't want this holiday season. (12/09/2015)
Bryn Vs Darth VaderBryn's martial arts can't stop a lightsaber.
Hooman Fails VaderHooman has failed Vader for the last time ...
Sarah And Vinnie Vs BB-8Sarah and Vinnie seem to be no match for BB-8 ...

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