Sarah's Inappropriate TouchingSarah discusses her touchy feeliness and how much Vinnie loves it! (10/20/2015)
Isla's Birthday GiftVinnie talks about the birthday gift he's most excited to give his daughter. (10/19/2015)
Sarah's Looks Compared To Florida CriminalVinnie read a story about a lady who is the same age as Sarah, but looks many years older. (09/28/2015)
Favorite Body PartsThe Morning Show answers the question, "What is your favorite body part?" (09/25/2015)
Sarah's Food RankingWhat is Sarah's favorite food that makes her say, "Put it in my mouth!" (09/22/2015)
Vinnie's Daughter And DogVinnie got a tip from a friend on how to solve the problem between his dog and his daughter and it seems to be working! (09/18/2015)
A Whistling Lesson From HoomanHooman tries to teach the rest of the show how to do whistle with their fingers. (09/16/2015)
Boosting A Woman's MoodVinnie reads a list of the top 5 things that boost a woman's mood, and we check out Sarah's cute, new shirt! (09/15/2015)
The Secret ProposalDustin won the Secret Proposal Contest and proposed to his girlfriend, Katie, at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn with a diamond ring courtesy of Geoffrey's Diamonds and a little help from Sarah, Vinnie, and a mermaid. (09/09/2015)
Isla's Fashion SenseVinnie says that his daughter has an affinity for dresses and having her toes painted at almost two-years-old. She knows what she likes. (09/09/2015)
James Franco Teaching At Palo Alto HighJames Franco is going to teach a film class at his high school alma mater in Palo Alto. (09/08/2015)
Vinnie In A BraA conversation on how to put on a bra ended up with Vinnie wearing Sarah's bra. (09/02/2015)
Sarah's Marissa Mayer VoiceMarissa Mayer announced she's pregnant with twins, which allowed Sarah to show off her spot-on Marissa Mayer impersonation. (09/01/2015)
Bill Bellamy And BulliesBill Bellamy talks about his kids, no-bully zones in schools, and his own experience dealing with a bully when he was in school. (08/28/2015)
Bill Bellamy And Kindergarten Cop 2Bill Bellamy talks about filming Kindergarten Cop 2 with Dolph Lungren and child actors. (08/28/2015)
Wedding SingersVinnie asks everyone, "If you could have one singer perform at your wedding, who would it be?" Watch to see the answers. (08/26/2015)
Hug FestA text from a listener inspired a Morning Show group hug! Can you feel the love? (08/25/2015)
Friday CelebrationThe show started off celebrating Friday with happy noises...and even got Vinnie to join in! (08/21/2015)
Favorite Vinnie MomentsThe Morning Show recalls some of their favorite Vinnie stories that would have made for a good reality show back in the day. (08/18/2015)
Sarah And Vinnie Feel This Morning's EarthquakeThis morning's 4.0 earthquake centered in Piedmont was felt by Sarah and Vinnie in-studio! (08/17/2015)
Jay Pharaoh Part 2Jay Pharaoh shares his opinion of Darrell Hammond as Colonel Sanders, his Obama impression, and how the Sarah & Vinnie Morning Show inspired a new character! (08/14/2015)
Jay Pharaoh In-StudioJay Pharaoh had a Kanye-off with Sarah, his feelings on San Francisco's vibe, and how he got on Saturday Night Live. (08/14/2015)
Neal Schon, Guitarist ExtraordinaireNeal Schon talks about growing up playing guitar in Bay Area clubs at the age of 14 and playing with the greats, from B.B. King to Santana. (08/13/2015)
Neal Schon Surprises SarahAlan Rosen from the music store, Bananas At Large, donated a guitar to the Sarah & Vinnie Morning Show and had a special guest demonstrate! (08/13/2015)

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